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Sherman Thompson Net Worth: How Rich is The ‘Barnwood Builders’ Star?

Thompson Sherman
Sherman Thompson

In this article, we will be discussing another celebrity, Sherman Thompson Net Worth, who emerged from the television industry. He has been among the famous television stars of all time. Likewise, the television star has gained his share of fame through hard work and dedication. It is not easy to make a special place in the world where completion is so high. But he did. We are talking about none other than Sherman Thompson. Sherman Thompson is a television star. He was a part of a famous reality show. The show was named “Barnwood Builders”.

Likewise, he was the main member of the show. The show was launched in the year 2013. The American television series was based on a documentary form. It showed a team of builders who renovated historic barns and cabins into beautifully designed modern houses. Likewise, the show aired on DIY Network and Discovery Channel. It was produced by Silent Crow Arts.

Sherman Thompson

Since he was an important role in the show, Thompson got immense fame. Likewise, he has been the talk of the town. Either for his career or his personal life, Sherman has been among the famous searches on the internet. Paparazzi and netizens are curious to dig into his life and find out more information about him. Therefore, in this article, we will lift the curtains from Sherman Thompson’s net worth.

Sherman Thompson Net Worth

Sherman Thompson has been an important part of the American reality show titled “Barnwood Builders”. He was a part of the show for eight seasons which ended in the year 2019. Likewise, the star has kept his finances and other earnings out of reach. There is not much information available about how he earned whatever his earnings are. Also, he has been a part of a business with his friends Johnny Jett and Mark Bowe. They laid the foundation of a company together. It was named “Antique Cabins and Barns”.

Sherman Thompson in Barnwood

Sherman was the team leader in “Barnwood Builders”

Meanwhile, he and Johnny have been together for years now. They were associated with the business of dismantling logs and selling them. Johnny and Sherman then met Mark and worked in his company there. Thus, the television star’s earnings have been a topic of discussion among the viewers. As of now, Sherman Thompson’s net worth is expected to be $350 thousand.

Sherman’s Personal Life

Sherman’s personal life has made the viewers curious. Being a part of “Barnwood Builders”, Thompson’s personal life was kept well hidden. Not much information was revealed during his existence in the show. Likewise, the details of his personal life were revealed by Thompson only, with the advent of time. Sherman celebrates his birthday on May 30, every year. Although, his year of birth is still an unknown fact.

wife of Sherman Thompson

Sherman with his wife Roma

Likewise, he hails from Fleming County, Kentucky, United States of America. Sherman is an American national. He belongs to the White ethnicity. Although, there is no confirmation about his age. He is expected to be in his 50s. Sherman is a married man. He married Roma Andreuzzi around 13 years ago. They share two kids. They are named Agostina Thompson and the other one named Felicia Thompson. All other information about how they met is still confidential. Paparazzi were curious to know how and where the duo met. Also, how they got married and in which year?

Barnwood Builders

A still from “Barnwood Builders”

But, the television star has been serious about hiding his personal information from the shutterbug. Meanwhile, in a few interviews, Sherman has accepted that he is living a happy married life. He often considers himself fortunate to live peacefully in this chaotic world. He is living happily with his family of four.

More About Sherman Thompson

Thompson got the title of “Master of Chain Saw”. This was because of his skill of utilizing chain saw with perfection and simplicity, simultaneously. Despite his fandom, Thompson is a very simple man. He never lets his fandom come on his way. Likewise, he has been an icon of simplicity despite the fact that he has been a major member of a reality show. He does not own a Wikipedia page. Neither he has his social media account nor features on any celebrity’s Instagram account.


Poster of Barnwood Builders

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