Shenmue The Animation Announced! When is it Coming?

Shenmue The Animation Release Date Announced
Shenmue The Animation Release Date Announced

Do you guys know that the release date for Shenmue The Animation has been announced? No, Right? I have some good news for you which also includes the details about the official release date of the anime series. So, don’t forget to read the article till the end because this will help you to know more about ‘Shenmue The Animation’.

Shenmue The Animation is an upcoming anime series that revolves around the main protagonist, Ryo Hazuki. He always cares about his father and also follows the same path as his father did. However, one day when Ryo witnesses his father’s murder, he decides to find the culprit behind this. Now, he has only one goal in his life, to find that man and ask him about the reason behind murdering his father. Ryo Hazuki will fight every single person who comes in his way and take revenge for the death of his father. As a hero, he will also try to find the mystery behind concealing his father’s past.

Moreover, Shenmue The Animation is based on the video game series (Shenmue), and this anime series will follow the storyline from the Shenmue game. Also, Chikara Sakurai is directing the anime series who is known for One-Punch Man. Yu Suzuki, who is a creator of this game, will be the executive producer of the upcoming anime series. The animation work is done by Telecom Animation Film and co-produced by Adult Swim and Crunchyroll.

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Shenmue The Animation Release Date Announced!

After the announcement for the anime series on September 4, 2020, there was no announcement related to the series. However, after the reveal of the first official trailer, ‘Shenmue The Animation’ on October 8, 2021, at New York Comic-Con, all the Shenmue fans took a deep breath. That is because of a recent announcement from the official anime website. Also, from the official Youtube Channel and Twitter Page where they are confirming the official release date of the anime series ‘Shenmue The Animation’. Not only that, but they have also confirmed the streaming details as well. If you want to know about the official release date, then please read the article till the end.

Shenmue The Animation Release Date Announced
Shenmue The Animation | OtakuKart

Shenmue The Animation Official Trailer

Today is the lucky day for the Shenmue fans, as the Official Trailer released today on the official Youtube channel ‘Adult Swim’. The trailer is one minute fifty seconds long which reveals the goals of the main protagonist. Ryo Hazuki fights for the sake of his late father and also searches for the truth of his father’s past and the reason behind his death. As a son, he wants to know everything about the culprit who killed him so that he can take revenge. The visual effects are so cool, and the animation looks amazing. If you don’t want to miss the official trailer, then watch it right here.

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Shenmue The Animation Release Date

Shenmue The Animation will be released on February 6, 2022. Also, according to the official announcement, the anime series ‘Shenmue The Animation’ will be 13 episodes long. If I am not wrong, then the series will be considered as season one. This might mean that we could also expect further seasons as well. So, we can expect a decent anime series with revenge and reveal as a core concept of the plot, which will cover the major incidents from the original (Shenmue) game series.

Shenmue The Animation Release Date Announced
Shenmue The Animation | OtakuKart

Watch Shenmue The Animation Online – Streaming Details

Shenmue The Animation is going to release in the first week of February. All the Shenmue fans are excited about this series and want to know about the streaming platforms. So, according to the official trailer and the official Shenmue The Animation’s anime website, the online streaming platforms for the series are Crunchyroll and Toonami. Adult Swim’s Toonami will hold the rights for the English dubbed version of the anime series, and Crunchyroll will be the major streaming platform for audiences other than the Asian region.

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