Shenmue Anime Adaption: When will Episode 1 Come Out?

Shenmue anime adaptation : When will episode 1 come out?
Shenmue anime adaptation : When will episode 1 come out?

When we finally think that we had enough for this year in just one month, something new and more exciting comes up. In January only, we got to see a lot of anime releases and as we are moving ahead this year, I think that it is not going to stop. Another new release of this year that is going to hit the broadcasting channels in no time is the anime adaption of the well-known game Shenmue. We all recognize “Shenmue” as a wonderful action-adventure game series that managed to keep the players engaged with it since the very day it dropped out.

Just like the adventure game, we can expect the anime adaption of it to provide us with the same quality. However, before we can even predict anything, it’s important that we all should be aware of the release date of the first episode of the series. This going to be your one-stop solution for all the queries that you have regarding this upcoming anime series. No doubt, being an adaption of a game, the series already has gathered so much popularity that is only subjected to growth. Now the crowd of gamers and anime lovers can come under one roof to enjoy this soon-to-be popular anime series.

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About Shenmue

As mentioned above Shenmue is an action-adventure game series by Yu Suzuki. The game was developed by Sega AM2 Developers and was launched for platforms like Dreamcast, Xbox, Mobile Phones, Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Initially, the game was released on 29th December 1999 by the named Shenmue. The game is designed in an open-world 3D environment and comprises regular brawler battles and time-based events. The game is well designed as all the scenes of games include various kinds of simulations. Life simulation, social simulation, day and night, and even changes in weather.  The very first part of the game is also denoted as the most expensive game developed of that time. The production, marketing, and all the costs combined made a sum of 47$ to 70$ million.

In the year 2018, the first 2 parts of the game Shenmue I and II received a re-release before they can actually launch part 3 of the game. Finally, on 19th November 2019, the latest and Part III of the game was launched. All the parts of the games gathered mostly positive reviews, and critics especially praised the graphics, soundtrack, and realism shown in the game. However, some criticism related to control over character, slow pace, and voice acting were also there but they can be ignored considering the plot and progression of the game.

Shenmue anime adaption release date
Shenmue the Game

Shenmue Plot

The plot of the game follows the life of teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki. He was having quite a normal life until he witnessed his father’s murder at the family dojo. The boy was totally broken after his father’s murder. He then made it his life motive to find the man responsible for his father’s death. In the pursuit of the murderer, Hazuki traveled through 1980s Japan and China. His mission related to finding the killer took him to the streets of Yokosuka, Japan then into the brightly shining metropolis of Hong Kong. In his journey, we find out various unknowns and some mystical forces that are at play. In order to achieve this, he trained him to become an ultimate martial artist as it moves further to defeat everyone that stands in his way.

Shenmue Episode 1 release date
Shenmue – Promotional poster

Shenmue Episode 1 Release Date

This wonderful game is getting an anime adaption and has already made fans go crazy for it. Previously, when the anime adaption was announced it was also declared that the series will be released around 2022. Now as we have entered 2022, the creator has disclosed the release date. Shenmue Episode 1 is all set to drop out on 6th February 2022. The game is divided into three parts and all of them were loved by the players. All its parts of the game are compressed into episodes and the series is going to have 13 episodes in total. As of now, there are no delays reported in the release of the first episode and you can expect it on the given date.

Shenmue – Streaming Details

The anime adaption of Shenmue is created by Telecom Animation Film under the direction of Chikara Sakurai. The screenplay of the anime is written by Yu Suzuki and soundtracks by Kana Shibue. Just like many other series, Crunchyroll has licensed along with Warner Bros. TV Studios for the streaming of the series. As for the English network, it is licensed by Adult Swin Toonami. Both Crunchyroll and Adult Swim will be broadcasting the series and you can stream it once it drops out.

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