She Would Never Know Season 2: Everything We Know

Romantic series and movies are always super fun to watch. Whether it is American series or K- Drama, it doesn’t matter while you are watching something romantic. It can take you out of a stressful situation for the time being and teleport you into a world of fantasies. That is the kind of effect that such series and films have on us. Mostly, women love watching romantic series. And keeping the current popularity of k-Dramas in mind. The best series to watch that recently came out will be She Would Never Know. Although season one not over yet pf season 2 people are already asking for new updates on the arrival of season 2.

Korean television series or Korean drama, widely known as K-dramas. These are television series in Korean languages. Korean dramas and series have gained popularity all over the world. Mostly, because of the Korean popular culture or the Korean wave. Another factor for its popularity is that it is easily accessible to people all over the world. They are available to people in different languages. the subtitles are also written in a number of languages. K- Dramas have been aired on the traditional TV channels of a number of countries.

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She Would Never Know Season 1 Recap

She would never know season 2
Featured image She would never Know

She Would Never Know is a South Korean Drama which is directed by Lee Dong Yoon. The series is based on a book with the name Don’t Put on that lipstick. And shows a typical office romance. The screenwriter for this series is Chae Yoon. his series falls into the romance, drama, and comedy genres. The set revolves around a team of marketers in a cosmetic company. The main cast includes Ro Woon as Chae Hyun-Seung, Won Jin Ah as Yoon Song-ah, Lee Hyun-Wook as Lee Jae-shin, and Lee Joo-bin as Lee Hyo-Joo. The series is still running and has 16 episodes. It is set to end on 8th March 2021.

The story develops around Yoon Song Ah and Chae Hyun Seung. Yoon Song Ah is shown to work as a marketer for a cosmetic brand. She loves her job and does it with complete dedication. She aspires to start her own cosmetic brand. At the same time, Chae Hyun Seung works with Yoon Song Ah as a marketer. He is slowly attracted to Yoon Song Ah and tries to chase her. However, Yoon Song Ah turns down all his advances because her younger guys are not seen as dating types. But the too, Chae Hyun Seung woos her senior. And in this, he also tells every her once not to wear the red lipstick. This is where the name of the book comes from. It is a chick office romance.

Cast and Production

The main cast in this movie includes Won Jin-ah as Yoon Song-an, Rowoon as Chae Hyun-Seung, Lee Hyun-Wook as Lee Jae-shin, Lee Joo-bin as Lee Hyo-Joo, Lee Kyu-Han as Lee Jae-Woon, and Wang Bit-Na as Chae Ji-Seung. The other supporting roles are played by Park Han-sol as Lee Se-rim, Park So-Yi as Kang Ha-eun, Choi Jung-won as Ryu Han-Seo, Lee Dong-ha as Kang Woo-Hyun, Ha Yoon-Kyung as Chae Yeon-Seung, Lee Ji-Hyun as Oh Wol-son, Kang Hye-jin as Kim Ga-young, Ahn Se-ha as Kwon Sung-Yeon, Yang Jo-ah as Yoo Jae-Geum, Kim Han-na as Ahn Yoo-s, Kim Hye-in as Kang Soo-mi, Kwon Han-sol as Do Ye-jin, Kim Kwang-kyu as Kim Joong-hyuk, and Jeon Gook-han as Chairman Le.

This production of this series was done by JTBC studios. The series was distributed by JTBC and iQIYI. The Executive producer of this series is Kim Ji- Yeon.

She Would Never Know Season 2 Release Date

Although season one is not over yet. People are already curious about the development of season 2. The cast, story, and anything that they can know. Season one was highly celebrated by the viewers and they also want to see more of this extraordinary series. But as of now, there is no information from the creators regarding season 2. Viewers can only wait for it and hope that the new season of this amazing show arrives soon.

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