Shazam: Various Critics Review And Update

Well, most people thought that Shazam would be bombarded by the critics before the release but surprisingly the critics like this movie. So, what is the reason for that? Well, we have seen before the DC movies have faced a lot of negative criticism regarding how dark themed their movies were.

While some people like myself prefer it that way, but it turns out most people don’t. Since Shazam the superhero is originally just a kid with magical powers, its obvious the movie is pretty funny and not that dark. So, here are the various reviews of different critics regarding DC’s Shazam:

First, let us talk about what The Guardian had to say. Lee said that finally, DC is now targetting the young audience as well. He further says that the movie has enough energy to keep the audience engaged until the very end. But he also said that the script needs some polishing, but DC is heading in the right direction.

Frank Scheck from the Hollywood Reporter also said that finally, DC had taken action against the criticism that the audience was so angry about. But he seemingly didn’t enjoy the story as much and said that what should have been a fast-paced light movie turned out to be pretty stretched.

Alex Abad from Vox says that he is impressed by DC’s attempt of a lighthearted movie and also said it was nice to see instead of neglecting silliness of Shazam they embraced it which gave the movie a whole new look. But he also said the story is still missing something and fans might forget it as soon as they reach their homes.

Lindsey Bahr of The Associated Press was full of praise about the movies perfect casting and smart writing. Also, the young cast of the movie for her was praiseworthy as well. For her, the shortcoming was the villain who for her was pretty underwritten.
So, this was all about the critics’ reviews. Do tell us what your own thoughts are about Shazam.

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