‘Sharp Objects’ Season 2 Release Date and Update

The show is based on Gillian Flynn’s novel. The first season of the show ended some time ago, and it has a bone-chilling twist. The novel readers would have already known what was going to happen in the finale, and to the others, it was really shocking.

The show was intended to be wrapped up in just one season. However, the finale of the first season has actually left a possibility of another season. If that happens, then it won’t be the first time that it has happened.

‘Sharp Objects’ Season 2 Release Date?

The classic example would be that of Big Little Lies. It was the same case for the series. However, it was intended to be made as long as the book was. But, it was changed due to the popular demand, and the show is coming back for a second season in 2019. So, don’t be surprised to see something like that happening again.

'Sharp Objects' Season 2

However, there is one major difference between the two shows. Casey Bloys, HBO president of programming, revealed that Amy Adams didn’t know to want to play Camille again. He said, “Unlike Big Little Lies where all of the stars wanted to come back, Sharp Objects, it’s a very dark character, very dark material. Amy doesn’t want to live in this character again, and I can’t blame her, it’s a lot to take on for an actress. So no plans for a second season. We are very happy with this living as a limited series.”

Gillian Flynn is optimistic about the possibility of a second season. She said, “My characters always go on in my imagination. They have full working lives there, and I keep in touch with all of them. I would never say no [to another season]. I know exactly what happens to them.”

Showrunner Marti Noxon revealed that she is ready to work on the second season, but as of now, the chances are pretty slim. She said, “It’s off the table regarding, people are going on to their next projects, and it was a pretty hard A-team to assemble. It’s not hard to imagine from a story standpoint, because obviously, we love these characters, but from a technical standpoint it seems like a long shot.”

The first season of the series came out on July 8, 2018, and even if the show is renewed for another season, don’t be surprised if the second season doesn’t come out in 2019. If the show is renewed, I believe that the least we can expect to come out is in 2020.

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