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Sharon Rocha Net Worth: Everything About Her Earnings

Sharon Rocha
Sharon Rocha

What is Sharon Rocha Net Worth? Well, Sharon Rocha is the mother of Laci Peterson. After the murder of her daughter and son, who is unborn, she fights for victims’ rights. And helped to create a law named Laci and Conner’s Law to fight against those who committed the crime of injuring a fetus during attacking a pregnant woman. This law was precisely called “The Unborn Victims of Violence Act” that was approved in April 2004 by the President. She resides in California. Sharon Rocha was born as Sharon Ruth Anderson on November 1, 1951. She is married to Ron Grantski. Before Grantski, she was married to Dennis Rocha.

Ron Grantski, Laci Peterson’s surrogate father, died in his sleep at his home in Modesto on Sunday at an age of 71 after a long period of bad health. Sharon Rocha, who was Grantski’s companion for four decades, said that He was buried in the Escalon cemetery next to Laci and Conner Peterson. Rocha, Laci’s mother, said that we all want to be together of the funeral plots she bought in mid-2003 after her pregnant daughter, 27-year-old daughter, and unborn grandson were murdered.

Sharon Rocha Net Worth

What is Sharon Rocha Net Worth? Well, Sharon Rocha had an estimated net worth of $15 million. Talking about the Family Secret, One might ask that what happened to Laci Peterson’s father? On April 8, 2018, Ron Grantski, who is Laci’s stepfather, died in Modesto while he was asleep at his home. He was 71 years old and having bad health for a long period of time. He is buried next to Laci and Conner. Laci’s father, Dennis Rocha, died on December 9, 2018, at the age of 72. Whereas Amber Frey is an American writer with a net worth of $400,000. Amber Frey’s fortune was made after the publication of a book about her affair with Scott Peterson. Peterson was accused of murdering his wife and unborn child in 2002. He is currently serving a death sentence in San Quentin Prison.

Sharon Rocha Net Worth

Sharon Rocha

Peterson still lives in Durham and wrote an independently published book entitled Behind the Staircase in January 2019. The book describes his life after Kathleen’s death, including his time in prison. Harrison Ford was selected to play Peterson in the upcoming “The Staircase” project. She stood beside her son during the trial, claiming he was wrongly convicted of the cold-blooded murder of his pregnant wife, 27-year-old Laci, and their unborn son, Conner, on Christmas Eve 2002. It has been seen that Jackie was wearing an oxygen mask as she is having a breathing problem.

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Is Gone Girl based on a true story?

After all, Gone Girl wasn’t so much based on a true story as it was on a real idea that still exists today. Public opinion can be just as damning in a trial as the evidence itself. Just ask O.J. Simpson, still found guilty of murder, which he actually acquitted. The friction in the novel arises from whether Nick Dunne was involved or not in the disappearance of his wife named Amy. In several interviews, Flynn has said that she was encouraged to write the novel by the disappearance of Laci Peterson, who is from California.

Sharon Rocha Net Worth

Sharon Rocha

The bodies of Laci Peterson and his unborn son were found a limited mile far from where Scott Peterson was fishing that day. Scott Peterson was arrested five days after the body was found. Investigators found a lock of hair stuck to the pliers on the Peterson boat that matched the hair on the Laci’s brush.

Is there a Gone Girl 2?

Fincher’s tardiest brilliant effort is Netflix’s “Mindhunter” and he is presently struggling on his next film, “Mank”, which had broadcasted in theaters in the year 2020. So we can only strive that “Gone Girl 2” will be in production anytime in 2022 and will also be released anytime in the year 2022.
Gone Girl is packaged as a psychological thriller, but also Fincher’s most romantic film. The director flirt with them using the conventions of thrillers and rom-com genres. As a result, it attracts the audience with a misleading love story.

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