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Shaman King Episode 44 Delayed: When is it Coming Now?

Shaman King Episode 44
Shaman King Episode 44

This week have had some not-so-good news about Shaman King 2021 anime. Although we just got a brand new episode a few days ago. It will be a while till we get Shaman King Episode 44. This will be coming after the anime will be going on a one-week break which will return to the anime’s usual schedule soon. The recent battles in Shaman King have been interesting. And just when we were looking forward to more action, we just found out that we have a little longer to wait compared to the usual times.

Shaman King has been ongoing for a while, and its return to the screen is scheduled for 52 episodes. With Shaman King episode 44 next, then we only have a few weeks left. But that is still a big load of action and plot development, so we should expect to see yet another amazing fights that will come. The original Shaman King aired years back, and this one is a reboot with additional episodes and plot. So it has come to be known as Shaman King 2021 as the anime made its comeback later last year.

The last episode continued to show Yoh’s battle prowess, and this time, we have a strange supercar in a battle. Things can not get any stranger than they already are, as we would expect the battles to be Shaman power-based. But now that there is a supercar involved in a fight, that is not about racing. Then we should see how things will play out through the upcoming episodes of the anime.

Shaman King Episode 44 Release Date

Shaman King Episode 44 will be released on 24 February 2022. We will get new episodes weekly. But for next week, the anime will be going on a one-week break and will return on the week after that on its usual schedule. The supercar that appeared seems to be the angel Michael’s original form. Tamao will be making an escape with it as the battle is about to get heated up. Marco made the scene appear as if these will be his final moments as he sends Tamao to safety.

Shaman King Episode 43 Summary

It seems like he intends to fight until the very end as he reassured Tamao that even if he dies, the car should still function. Things are not looking good for Marco, who is already beaten up. And his opponents intend to make sure that there won’t be an escape for any one of them, even if it means that Marco will have to give up his life.

Shaman King

Shaman King

The laser is said to be the country’s super-secret weapon and could target any location on the ground. And this will soon attract attention from investigators from foreign lands, so the situation couldn’t get any worse than it already is. But as things stand, this could have an impact on the Shaman Fight and the Shaman King. But until that comes to a conclusion, no one would be allowed to enter or leave, so outside interference should be minimal. But since they might not understand what is happening, there might be cases of casualties as well.

Back in the Shaman Fight, the matches seem to be interrupted as the higher-ups have realized that it will be difficult for them to continue with the ongoing situation. The fights are supposed to be carried out secretly with little knowledge of it to the outside world.

And now that tradition is about to be disturbed while the executives are on the move to make sure that things run smoothly with no interruptions. The winners of the first round of the Shaman Fight have been decided already. So this means that the tournament is at its early stages, and they can not afford to have it distributed.

The second round is set to start soon, and the executives are already deciding on a safer location for the tournament to take place. It looks like things will get heated up as they have an underwater location in their minds, so this should be interesting.

Where To Watch Shaman King Episode 44 Online

Shaman King episode 44 will be available for watching online on bilibili, Anime Hodai, and Netflix for the rest of the global territory. The anime runs on a Thursday schedule, so you will be able to watch new episodes every Thursday early for most of the global, regional timezones.

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