Spoilers and Preview: Shaman King (2021) Episode 2

Shaman King 2021
Shaman King 2021

In 1985, the high-ups were performing rituals, and they wanted to kill one of the twins. The old hag comments that it will be trouble if they are identical and they won’t be able to tell the difference. The others think that they should kill all the twins. They gather around the mother, and she gives birth. The old geezer comments that as long as the Asakura line exists, they will continue to prevent his ambition. He unleashes the power of Shikigami, aiming to kill the newborn child. But the child’s spirit guardian was reborn with him.

The spirit guardian protected the new baby born ad defeated the power of Shikigami. The old geezer also got smashes, and his son tries to protect him from the power of the spirit guardian. The sone of the old geezer attacks the spirit guardian with Dharmapala Mountain Gods. But the attack didn’t work, and it disappeared. The spirit guardian holds the new baby and comments that no one can lay a finger on them. The mother of a newborn realizes that they are fighting against Onmyouji.

Previously on Shaman King 2021 Episode 1

Onmyouji drove out of this world over 100 years ago. He thanks the mother of the newborn for delivering the baby to this world. Onmyouji raises the newborn and the mother; Keiko wanted to say something. The grandmother told Keiko to calm down since she is still carrying another baby. The new baby-born comments that he has no doubt his twin brother will pursue the king’s path as well.
He also reveals that he will come back to seize his twin brother and get another opportunity to make all great powers his.


Shaman King 2021
Shaman King 2021

Onmyouji vanishes with the newborn, and they decided not to kill the remaining twin brother. The grandfather comments that when he grows up, it will be a heavy burden for him. They decided to prepare for the future. He also reveals that the remaining child is their only hope. They reveal that the wandering souls of the dead, the spirits who breathe the forest of earth, gods, and Buddha holding power more than humans are called Shamans. Few years have now passed after Onmyouji has taken the twin brother.

A mysterious boy was late heading home in the middle of the night. He saw a path that he thinks it is a shortcut, but he felt that he has a bad feeling about it. When he climbs the gate, he heard a voice asking him where he is going. The boy wonders who that guy is and what he is doing at this late hour. The boy thought it was a ghost or something like a walking dead. The guy told the boy to wait, and he can’t see the stars tonight. He calls the boy to come and watch stars with him.

The boy asks why he should want to look at stars and who he is referring to everyone. The guy replies that he is referring to all the people in this cemetery. When he steps on the ground, the souls of the dead appear. He hugs two guys who are near him and said they are all friends. The boy can’t believe what he is looking at and he runs away screaming. The next day in the morning, the boy told others that he saw a real ghost. No one could believe him and the punks comment that he has too much cram school work on his brain.

Samurai Legend

Shaman King 2021
Shaman King 2021

The other one comments that the boy is cursed with a ghost. The teacher arrived inside the class and told Oyamada to keep quiet. He told everyone to sit down since homeroom is about to start. Oyamada wonders if he dreams about what he saw last night. The teacher reveals that they have a newly transferred student, Asakura Yoh. Due to family circumstances, Yoh has come here all the way from Izumo by himself. Oyamada is stunned to see Yoh; he realizes that Yoh is the guy he saw last night.

He pointed at Yoh and told the class that this is the guy I saw with the ghost last night. Yoh comments that there is no such thing as a ghost. After school, Oyamada decides to spy on Yoh and wants to see if he is going to the cemetery. Oyamada decided to confront Yoh, who told him that he didn’t want his secret to be exposed. Yoh reveals that he is transferred here to complete training as Shaman. He apologizes that Oyamada knows his secret with a ghost.

Yoh reveals that Shaman is those who tie this world and the other world together. He also told Oyamada to call him if he is facing trouble and asks if he knows Amidamaru. Oyamada replies yes and reveals that Amdaru is the most popular samurai legend in this town. Later Oyamada got beaten to a pulp by a wooden sword. Ryuu and Yoh said they would get their revenge.

Oyamada comments that the wooden sword Ryuu is bad news and they must not fight him. They met with Ryuu with his punks, and Yoh challenges them. They thought that a brat couldn’t beat them. But Yoh combines his powers with Amidamaru and smashes Ryuu with hi punks using Spirit Unity. After the battle, Yoh reveals that he is going to become the Shaman King.

Shamman King 2021 Release Date

Shaman King 2021 Episode 2 date will release on Thursday, 8 April 2021 at 5:55 PM JST. You can officially watch Shaman King 2021 on  Netflix. The new episode will be available next week on Thursday. Let’s see what the preview has for us here.


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