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Preview & Recap: Shaman King (2021) Episode 17

Shaman King (2021)
Shaman King (2021)

The journey to the Shaman Fight continues as Asakura Yoh gathered more allies for the upcoming final matches. Anna and her friends have found the truth behind Asakura Hao. They realize that they have to stop Asakura Hao during the Shaman Fight. Anna has found the book of the spells that have techniques to defeat Asakura Hao. Let’s discover more about the Shaman Fight and Fighters in Shaman King (2021). Asakura Yoh, Ryu of the Wooden Sword, and the other Shamans are glad to see Horohoro. Ren told Horoho to explain why he is late, and Hororo replies that he will make up top them. He told them to get going.

The episode is titled ”Enter The Utra-Pompadour.” Asakura Yoh and the rest of the team begin with the journey, and Ryu drives the car. Ren starts to punish Horohoro for staying many days without them. Asakura Yoh told Ren to be easy with Horohoro. Ryu told the guys that they are almost there; after he saw some plants. The pass near the old Patch village Mesa Verdede. Horohoro thinks they should pay a visit, and they might find some clues there. They both head there and find that the town is full of tourists.

Horohoro comments that the place is a perfect tourist attraction. Ren told the boys that finding clues will be difficult. The boys wonder if they have come here to look around. Ren saw a keep-out sign and decided that they should enter. The other Shamans confront Ren and others and told them to follow with them. Ren and Asakura Yoh realizes these are familiar faces, and they have seen these guys before. They recognize that these Shamans work with Hao.

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Previously on Shaman King (2021) Episode 16

Ren told Lyserg to calm down after noticing that they are looking for a fight. Asakura Yoh asks those Shamans what do they want. The Shamans reply that things will be interesting. The Shaman hiding his face comments their resemblance to Hao striking shows that they are a descendant of Hao. The crew wonder if Boss Yoh is Hao’s descendent, and Yoh replies that he thought they look alike.
Horohoro had no clues what the Shamans are saying and asks them to give some explanations.

The other crew told Asakura Yoh’s team that they are leaving. The guy reveals the order from Hao wants Yoh to experience a severe trial, and they will kill four of Yoh’s friends. Suddenly the crew is surprised to see one of the Shamans biting Lyserg’s neck. Ryu gets furious and decided to slash that vampire Shaman. The vampire Shaman vanishes, and they can only see the dust of blood. The samurai Shaman cuts Ryu’s hair, and the vampire guy comments that Asakura Yoh’s crew is fragile.

Shaman King (2021)

Shaman King (2021)

The Vampire Hunter: Blaumro Dracula

He told them that he is introducing his guardian ghost, The Vampire Hunter Blaumro. The guy reveals that he is Boris Tepes Dracula. Asakura Yoh realizes that they face a vampire hunter and Dracula; Ren said Dracula is a fictional character. Horohoro pointed at the third guy and said he is the one that looks like a Dracula than Boris. They begin to laugh at the third guy, and Yoh comments that the third guy has horns. Ren said there are only five of them, and they still have overlapping characters.

Boris feels that it is unforgivable for Yoh’s team to laugh at them. Boris gets angry and kills the third guy from his group since he is bringing humiliation to his group because he is too ugly. Asakura Yoh and his team wonder why Boris killed his members. Boris apologizes that he killed Damayaji. Boris said it is their fault for humiliating him by comparing him with Damayaji. Dracula reveals that his friends live inside him, and their powers will join his powers.

Dracula unleashes his wings and sucks Damayaji’s blood along with his powers. Horohoro is surprised that those guys killed their members, but they don’t get fazed. Dracula apologizes to his group, and one of the powerful guys replies that it is okay since they don’t need weaklings in their team.  Ryu and Dracula get involved in one-on-one combat, and Dracula promises that he won’t die. Ren interferes and uses Super Golden Chines Slash Dance to finish the battle. The episode ends with Ryu unleashing a new technique to finish Dracula, who regenerates.

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Shaman King (2021) Episode 17 Release Date

Shaman King (2021) Episode 17 release date is 22 July 2021. You can watch Shaman King (2021) online on Netflix and bilibili. You can look at Spoilers & Preview: Shaman King (2021) Episode 16.

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