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Spoilers & Preview: Shaman King (2021) Episode 10

Shaman King (2021)

The higher-up talks about Ren after realizing that Ren’s intention hasn’t changed. They spoke with Ren’s sister about Ren’s education, and Ren’s father is glad that Ren’s sister is so spirited and will lead the Tao family one day. Tao Yuan commented that they ruled this continent with their Shamanism and Sorcery once upon a time. Yun also said that the Tao family brought an age of peace once upon a time, but those fools betrayed them, humiliating them. Shaman King (2021) is about to reveal the future Shaman King.

He told his daughter Jun that they will make those fools pay and get their revenge to revive the Tao family to its former glory. Yun told Jun that they would need the power of Shaman King, and he is giving Jun one last chance to redeem herself. Yuan orders Jun to kill anyone who gets in Ren’s way. Jun accepted the offer from her father to gain recognition. Silva and his friend are talking about Japan. Silva’s friend wonders if Silva wants to return home to his patch tribe. The episode is titled Ren Vs. Asakura Yoh Again.

Previously on Shaman King (2021) Episode 9

Silva told Kalima that he is not thinking about returning home soon because he takes pride in being one of the ten officiants. Silva comments that he wants to keep a low profile until they have a Shaman King. The old lady communicates with Silva and comments that he has spirit and can put that to the test. The lady reveals that Silva is the new caretaker of Tao Ren.

Silva can’t believe that since Ren is the one who killed Chrom, who was Silva’s best friend. The old lady explains why and didn’t like that the Shamans are biased and favor Asakura Yoh. The old lady reveals why Silva has to be a new caretaker and why the Shamans can’t prejudice. She also talked about how a member of Ten Officiants should behave and react to a situation.

The old lady comments that it is Silva’s job since he is an Officiant and thinks it is the best way to show respect to Chrom. Meanwhile, Manta Oyamada has arrived at the Great Spirit’s place battlefield. Manta comments that the day is finally here. Yoh and Amidamaru are relaxing and licking ice cream. They are waiting for their opponents to show up, and they are not aware who they will be fighting.

Shaman Fight

Shaman King (2021)

Shaman King (2021)

Manta shouts at Yoh and Amidamaru that they can’t relax at times like this, and if they lose the match, they are out of the Shaman Fight. Tamao visited Anna and comments that she is here to root for Yoh. Anna told Tamao that a good woman keeps quiet and protects the home. Anna also said all they can do is to have faith that Yoh will win. On the battlefield, Yoh felt a tremendous power.

Yoh comments that ”I guess you’ve arrived.” Amidamaru remarks that there is no doubt that it is ‘Him.” Tao Ren landed on the ground with his horse and narrated his speech. He comments that Yoh can’t break his Golden Over-Soul, and he will kill Yoh to be the future Shaman King. Ren also said he must deal with Yoh now, and he won’t have obstacles in the future. Yoh wields his Katana and comments that no loss in any more matches. Yoh apologizes and comments that he has to win today.

Bason notices that Yoh has a sharp tongue and told Yoh that how dare he insult his master. Bason attacks and Amidamaru blocks the attack; Yoh comments that the match has not begun. Ren remarks that he is too powerful to take Yoh in one blow. He unleashes the power of Golden Over-Soul, and the battle began. Ren attacks Chines Slash Dance. Yoh blocks the attack as if it was nothing. Ren tried all combos, but nothing worked. Yoh defeated Ren, who accepted defeat, and Silva arrived and said the match is a draw.

Shaman King (2021) Episode 10 Release Date

Shaman King (2021) Episode 10 will release on Thursday, 3 June 2021, at 5:55 PM JST. You can watch Shaman King 2021 online on Netflix.

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