Shakira And Gerard Pique Confirm Split After 12 Years Together

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Shakira And Gerard Pique
Shakira And Gerard Pique

Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their separation on Saturday after nearly 12 years of dating. The news was announced by the couple, who have two kids, in a joint statement released by Shakira’s handle. They announced in the statement that they hate to confirm that they are splitting. They desire privacy for the sake of their children’s safety, which is their top priority. They also expressed gratitude to everyone for their understanding of their circumstance. Only 26 words to say farewell to a relationship that lasted more than a decade.

During their relationship, the pair kept their romance very private. However, they frequently appeared in public to show their support for one another. Shakira would accompany Piqué to his soccer games with their children, while Piqué would attend Shakira’s performance at concerts, particularly her 2020 Super Bowl Performance.

Shakira And Gerard Pique Breakup

The news of Shakira & Gerard Pique’s split comes after rumors that the pair were breaking up due to cheating claims. The pair was also said to be living separately at the time. The reason for the couple’s breakup has yet to be revealed. It was also claimed that Piqué had lately moved out of their family home in Barcelona and into a property on his own. Fans have already expressed their reactions to the news. Many people are surprised by the split.

The Colombian, on the other hand, made no reference to the reason for the fuss and instead requested privacy for her children. Despite this, football fans have been wailing on Pique for allegedly cheating on the mum of his two children on social sites. Given Shakira’s celebrity and beauty, many think the Spaniard made a mistake by ending their relationship.

Shakira And Gerard Pique

After Chris Evans began following Shakira on Instagram, other followers have already begun to imagine her with a new lover. That’s not all, though. Along with Evans, a video from the 2015 Nyc opening night of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. got a lot of attention, showing British actor Henry Cavill reacting positively to someone on the red carpet whom he mistook for Shakira. Although it appears that it wasn’t Shakira, Cavill’s double-take, huge eyes, and chuckle had fans online trying to play matchmaker with her and the D.C. actor.

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While the entire world is playing online matchmaker, Shakira has a lot on her plate right now, as she is the hostess of NBC’s Dancing With Myself. She also recently stated that she is working on a new album, which will be released later this year. Pique, on the other hand, is putting the controversy behind him as he works to heal from a thigh injury in time for Barcelona’s pre-season training, which begins on July 4. The center-back has been out since May 1, when he was hurt in a match versus Mallorca and had to miss the last few weeks of the season.

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Shakira And Gerard Pique’s Relationship History

Gerard Piqué, 35, and Shakira, 45, met in the third quarter of 2010 in South Africa, just before the World Cup. Piqué was one of the artists who helped Spain win the prestigious title and then become world champion when she was performing at the tournament. Piqué visited Shakira in Madrid shortly before leaving for South Africa.

Shakira And Gerard Pique
Shakira And Gerard Pique’s Family

It took a few months for the couple to declare their relationship official. In March 2011, Shakira confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, “Let me welcome you to you my sun,” beside a photo of the two together. Certain aspects, such as the fact that both of their birthdays are exactly ten years apart, made them feel “destined to meet,” according to Piqué. Shakira and Gerard Pique moved to Barcelona shortly after, and two years later, in September 2012, they revealed they were expecting a baby. Milan, their first son, was born in January of 2013.

Shakira announced she was pregnant once more in August 2014, and her second son, Sasha, was born in Barcelona on February 29, 2015. She expressed how much she cherished the process of being pregnant in an interview conducted shortly before the birth. Shakira stated in early 2015 that she enjoyed it simply. Although experiencing the same fear as every mother, she is extremely delighted to extend the family and was really anxious to watch how Milan interacts with his sibling.

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Years down the line, in 2017, the Colombian singer admitted that she considered retiring from the stage after becoming a mom, but Piqué persuaded her otherwise. Many speculations about a future wedding have circulated over the years, but Shakira and Piqué have remained unmarried, claiming that they do not feel compelled to do so. The Colombian singer revealed in 2019 that they had an unusual relationship. The couple’s most recent photo together was taken in October 2021.

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