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Peview: Shadowverse Episode 46


The heroes have entered a Shadowverse again; today will be looking at two new characters. Hiro is with Mimori, Luc, Alice, Kazuki, Mauro, and Kai. They are talking about all the battles they had in Shadowverse. Mauro asks Hiro if he had fun during the Shadowverse battles. Hiro scratches his head and replies that he just liked it.

Suddenly the ground started shaking, and the mysterious girl who always sent them on missions appears. The girl gave Hiro a book and told him to overcome everything and go to the Castle in the sky. She also told them that the world is dreaming; they must awaken it. The Root of Chaos lies beyond the heavens. 

Shadowverse Episode 46 Release Date

Shadowverse Episode 46 will be released on Tuesday, 9 March 2021, at 5:55 on Crunchyroll or Anime-Planet. Take a look at other battles on this link: Shadowverse Episode 45. Let’s find out what is waiting for Hero and the others at the Sky Castle below. 

Previously on Shadowverse Episode 45

Hiro put the book to the whole that opens the path that leads to them to Castle in the sky. The stairs that lead them to the Castle appear and Hiro said they would climb them and defeated the Root of Chaos. The girl told Hiro that he must not fail no matter what. Luca told Hiro that let’s end this, and they started climbing the stairs. 

Empty Shadow



Luca saw a blade attacking Hiro, and he pushes Hiro, telling him to go ahead. The rest of the team told Hiro to go they will handle the enemy. Hiro heads to the Sky Castle alone. They find that the enemy is an arm of Empty Shadows. Luca and others started to destroy the Empty Shadow. They are blocking them so that they won’t reach Hiro.

The girl watches them fighting and comments that the fate of the world is entrusted to them. She also comments that the Awakened Ones must go forward without hesitation. Hiro must reach that future which once disappeared, and Hiro started to run quickly. While the crew continues to battle with the Empty Shadows. 

Hiro arrives at the Sky Castle, and someone has been waiting for him. The guy comments that he knew that Hiro would come. Hiro finds that the guy who is waiting for him is his father, Mr. Eji Ryugasaki. Eji said that he would grant Nexu’s desire to save Asagi. Hiro replies that he wants to save everyone and he is going to win.

Duel in Sky Castle

Hiro challenges his father. It is s duel between a father and son when one wants to save the whole world, and the other wants to save his wife. Asagi is Hiro’s mother, and Eji wants to save Asagi without thinking about the world. They both entered a Shadowverse battle. Eji thinks that he cannot be defeated by a sone who he just give birth to. Hiro draws five cards in his deck. He attacks Shadow Sand Dragon with Ivory Dragon.

The two dragons eliminate each other, and Hiro reminds Eji that he said the world would be destroyed. Hiro said he was happy to see his mom again, but he will rather battle his real father here. Hiro unleashes a Spell Card: Dragon Oracle that adds 1 point to his play points. Eji told Hiro that he still young, he doesn’t know true desire. He plays Evil Dragonewt. Hiro asks his father if Shadow Ignis Dragon was his best card.



Eji replies that the cards are his tools to achieve his goals. He asks Hiro if he plays Shadowverse to achieve his goal. Hiro replies that his cards aren’t his tool, and he is not doing it for fun. He does it to save the world, and he unleashes Dragon Warrior. Hiro reminds his father that his mom will never want him to destroy the world for her. Eji replies that Asagi will never want this, but itis his wish and desire. 

The Final Card

Eji reveals that destroying theworld is the only answer that he found at the end of his eternal journey. Hiro attacks Demonic Simulacrum and Shadow Fire Lizard. Leo is sitting somewhere watching father and sone battling. Eji evolves Shadow Dragon Warrior and destroys Hiro’s Followers. Hiro attacks with Blazing Breath and burns Shadow Dragon to ashes. Eji told Yuji that it doesn’t matter what he does. 

Hiro replies that you will never know until you try. Eji comments that it is my son for you. Eji plays a Shadow Dragon Guard and asks Hiro if he thinks he can save the world as long as he doesn’t give up. Hiro asks his father why he gives up on this world, and he replies it was the only way to move forward. Hiro decided to unleash his final card to end the battle. But his father finished him before he knows it, and he is left with 1 point. 

Shadowverse Episode 46 Preview

Come back next week for more updates and a new episode, that all we have about this anime for this week.

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