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Preview: Shadows House Episode 2

Shadows House

Shadow How has recently made its debut last week. This story is about living dolls that coexist with each other. Emilyko is one of the living dolls. The day she was born, she was given a task to work for the mysterious Shadow family. She has noticed that the Shadow family is full of different characters. They live in the castle, away from other living beings of this world.

Life in the castle seems to be a peaceful life, but there is a mysterious secret hidden in the castle. Emilyko is not aware of what goes on around the castle and during the dark hours. She is working as a maid, and she has become the face of Kate Shadow. Let’s find more about Emilyko and other Living Doll below.

Previously on Shadows House Episode 1

The day Emilyko was born, everyone was excited since she will play an important role in the Shadow family. Emilyko is a young girl who loves to keep her hair long. She loves to wear a Victorian-style maid dress, and she is always happy. She loves to work hard every day to achieve her goal and take care of her master Kate Shadow. After noticing her hardworking skill master, Kate Shadow befriends Emilyko. Emilyko sometimes becomes the face of her master.

Emilyko decided to make more friends and spend time with them, but she is not aware of the truth about the castle. But sometimes, she messes up due to her inexperience. All the time, when there is chaos or trouble, she always makes sure to fix the problem. She stands with the truth and supports those who are being looked down on.

Emilyko wakes up every day and cleans but she always wat to learn new things. Kate is a shadow, just like the rest of the Shadow family. Her body and hair are black, and she likes to do the same style as Emilyko since it is her Living Doll. As Emilyko’s master, Kate likes to copy everything that Emilyko does. She always loves to wear a red jacket with a red bow and white socks with red shoes.

Shadows House

Shadows House

Shadow Masters

Kate is the coolest and intelligent shadow, but when she first met Emilyko, she didn’t want to get closer to her. After getting to know Emilyko well, she begins to care about her. One day the shadows make Kate suffer, but she couldn’t show her emotions. Emilyko notices that and she didn’t like it she decided to help Kate. After saving Kate’s like Kate opens to Emyliko, but she kept her distance from other Shadow Masters. Kate doesn’t get along with her Grandfather, and she organizes a revolt against him.

John begins to live with Living Face Shaun. Shaun to the care of John. John’s whole body is black, and he is a  silhouette of his “Living Face. He is a young boy who loves to wear light blue Victorian-style clothing. He competes with others to see who has the best style. Everyone loves John since he is popular and friendly. John is different from other Shadow Masters; he respects Shaun and takes good care of Shaun. Sometimes he exchanges his glasses with Shaun for others to see how their bond is strengthened.

But John and Shaun are different from Kate and Emilyko. Shaun is an introvert, and Jonh is, but their friendship has no boundaries. John doesn’t care about Shaun’s character. John posses physical abilities that enable him to channel his Soot ability into his fists. He can unleash massive barrages of punches. One day he showed his true powers when he arrives by shower a boulder with blows and breaks it into pieces. He uses a single punch to save Ricky. But the power of his punch depends on the range of his target.

Shadows House Episode 2 Release Date and Preview

Shadows House Episode 2 will be released on Sunday, 18 April 2021, at 12:30 AM JST. You can watch this anime online officially on AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s find more about the Living Doll and Shadow in the video below.


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