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Shadow Beauty Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Teaser & Where To Watch

Shadow Beauty Kdrama release date teaser
Shadow Beauty poster (cr: kakao tv)

Get ready to add another Kdrama to your watchlist. “Shadow Beauty,” the new 2021 Kdrama, will introduce you to an exciting plot while also learning the double standards of society. Just like “True beauty,” it will seek how the beauty standards make people’s lives miserable. However, it will be slightly different, as Kdrama enthusiasts can expect more thrill and suspense than the “True Beauty” drama. Kpop fans are also excited to see idols from Pentagon, Fromis_9, and Golden Child try their hand in acting. So, here are all the details on Shadow Beauty Kdrama.

Shadow Beauty is an upcoming South Korean drama based on the webtoon of the same name by Ahum. The drama will tell the story of Koo Ae Jin, who people around her bully because of her looks. However, she leads another life after returning home from school and works as an influencer. Shadow Beauty Kdrama will focus on how her life is affected by the harsh comments and how Koo Ae Jin lives solitary.

Shadow Beauty is a Daum Kakao TV original. It is an online OTT platform functioning in South Korea, but international Kdrama fans can watch the drama easily. But first, let’s know the release date of Shadow Beauty.

Shadow Beauty Kdrama Release Date & Online Streaming Details

Shadow Beauty is releasing on November 20, 2021, at 8 p.m. KST. Unlike other Korean shows, each episode will run only for 20 minutes, and the drama has 13 episodes under its name. Therefore, Shadow Beauty will conclude on January 1, 2022. Moreover, it will release new episodes every Wednesday and Saturday.

As for the streaming details, Shadow Beauty will be readily available on your screens. The drama is a Kakao tv exclusive; hence fans will expect new episodes every week on the application. The good thing is that Shadow Beauty is free to watch on Kakao Tv. If the service is available in your region, you can witness the episodes on the Kakao Tv app.

On the other side, Shadow Beauty will also be available on Rakuten Viki. The service is relatively available in all regions, and the audience can stream “Shadow Beauty” on the Viki website or application. All you need is a subscription, and you are ready to go. Furthermore, the app will offer subtitles to non-Korean speakers—Check out more info on Shadow Beauty here. 

Shadow Beauty Cast

Shadow Beauty includes an ocean of talent in the name of the cast. Half of the leading cast members are also Kpop idols. So, get ready to hear the cheers of Kpop enthusiasts and Kpop lovers once Shadow Beauty comes out.

Shadow BEauty Kdrama Cast

Shim Dal Gi as Koo Ae Jin (cr: Kakao Tv)

Starting with Shim Dal Gi, who is playing Koo Ae Jin/ Genie, a bullied lone-wolf at school. However, Ae-Jin leads a double life on online social platforms as she becomes an influencer, Genie, with more than 770k subscribers. Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung will play Genie, the alter ego of Koo Ae Jin. Golden Child’s Choi Bo Min will play Kim Min Ho, the class president. Meanwhile, PENTAGON’s Yang Hong Seok will take on the role of Lee Jin Sung.

Many other young actors will join the cast in supporting roles. But, the four mentioned above will carry the plot as they will take you to the daily secretive yet unclosed life of Koo Ae Jin and Genie.

Shadow Beauty Kdrama Teaser

The upcoming Kakao original drama depicts the life of Koo Ae Jin, a bullied teenager who leads a double life online. But, what will happen when a boy from her school learns her secret? Fans are excited to see how the mystery will unfold among a bunch of teenagers. To excite them, Kakao has dropped a new teaser featuring the lead actress.

The teaser opens with Koo Ae Jin getting bullied by her classmates. As they harras her and throw things at her, she keeps a poker face. She then says, “I have a big secret.” Later, we find Koo Ae Jin putting makeup on her face and embracing the comments used for praising Genie’s beauty. She then narrates, “No one can know about it.”

Further in the video, the clip flashes different bullying moments, but the eerie smile on her face grows bigger and bigger. In the end, we find her transforming into Genie. And the caption explains how she is a loner at school but a star on social media with 770,000 followers.

It’s going to be interesting. So, mark down the release date of Shadow Beauty Kdrama now.

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