SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin Part Ways in ‘The King’s Affection’ Episode 17

The King's Affection Episode 17
The King's Affection cr: Netflix

The King’s Affection Episode 17 is going to be one hell of an emotional ride. In the past few episodes, Lee Hwi, along with fans, has mourned the death of two of his most loved people. At first, Lee Hwi received the news of his father’s unfortunate death. Just like that, all of Da Mi’s and Jung Ji Woon’s dreams of living a sweet and peaceful life in a village were shattered. Like the pain of losing her only parent was not enough, Da Mi’s grandfather was using her as a puppet to gain more power in the castle.

Amid all of this chaos, Kim Ga On was on a separate path. However, he returned back to the palace to confess that he was the shooter that had tried to kill her at the royal hunting. Fans were surprised to know that Kim Ga On knew from day one that Lee Hwi was actually a girl. Lee Hwi’s grandfather may think that his grandson is weak, but Da Mi has a masterclass plan to expose her grandfather of every crime that he has committed. But will Da Mi’s plan go smoothly? How will Da Mi and Jung Ji Woon hide their affection? The King’s Affection Episode 17 contains a major plot twist, so do not miss out.

The King’s Affection Episode 17 Release Date

This Rowoon and Park Eun Bin starter historical kdrama has been giving one plot twist after another. Furthermore, The King’s Affection Episode 17 will be released on December 6. In this episode, Da Mi’s identity is going to be in danger yet again. Ever since the first episode released on October 11, Da Mi’s identity has been on the verge of being revealed. But now, with her uncle coming back, for the sole purpose of finding out if Da Mi is a woman, things are going to be more dangerous.

The King's Affection Streaming Details
The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

Ever since Da Mi started her life as the Crown Prince, she had people like her father, captain Yoon, Prince Jaehyun, Court Lady Kim, and Chief Eunuch Hong looking after her. But now, with the unfortunate loss of her father and captain Yoon, Da Mi has only a few people by her side. Will the King of Joseon be able to hide the fact that he is a woman? Find out in The King’s Affection Episode 17.

Where to Watch The King’s Affection Episode 17?

With just a few more episodes to go, The King’s Affection has amped up the drama factor by ten folds. Da Mi’s uncle’s suicide, due to which she was dethroned as the Crown Prince was fake. It had just been an attempt by Prince Won San to take over the throne. While clearing out the late King’s belongings, Prince Won San discovers that the crown prince has a twin. Moreover, he quickly figures out that the Crown Prince is a woman. In The King’s Affection Episode 17, Prince Won San and Prince Chang Woon (Lee Hwi’s uncle) will attack the Crown Prince to see if she is a woman.

Furthermore, you can watch this exhilarating episode on KBS2 at 21:30, according to Korean Standard Time. For viewers in the United States, the timing is 10:00 am, 12:30 pm in the United Kingdom, 11:30 pm in Australia, 6:00 pm in India, and 7:30 pm in Toronto, Canada. Moreover, for the audiences who want to stream The King’s Affection Episode 11 online, Netflix has got your back. The episodes are released with subtitles in various languages soon after their broadcast on Netflix.

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What Went On In The Previous Episodes of The Kings Affection?

The Fabricated Post-mortem Report

Jung Ji Woon has taken the duty of noting down everything that takes place in the King’s office. Seeing how Lee Hwi is trying her best to expose her grandfather’s wrongdoing, Jung Ji Woon also wants to be of help. Additionally, he decides to look more into the herb that was defined as the cause of death of the former KIng. On researching, he finds out that Bushowa, the poisonous herb. Leads to darkening of gums and swelling in the stomach instantly after consumption. However, this does not add up as the former King showed no such signs until two days after his death. Through the help of his friend, Jung Ji Woon discovers that Bushowa was not the poison, and the entire post mortem report was fabricated. Fans were impressed by how helpful, and kind Jung Ji Woon is.

the king's affection episode 17
Kim Ga On cr: KBS2

Lee Hwi and Lee Hyun Have A Heart to Heart

Ever since Da Mi returned to the palace, she discovers that Prince Jaehyun has been keeping his distance. Although he does not meet her directly, he keeps doing everything in his power to make life easier for Da Mi. He talked about how he would hide his feelings if it guaranteed the safety of Da Mi. With this gesture, Prince Jaehyun proved yet again that he is an unsung hero. Furthermore, Da Mi tells him that she would be forever grateful if he could stay the same. Despite harboring feelings for her, Prince Jaehyun says yes in a blink because it was Da Mi who was asking. As expected by fans, Prince Jaehyun gave us some hardcore second lead syndrome.

Jung Ji Woon And Da Mi Finally Get to Express Their Love

In the previous episodes, The King’s Affection blessed fans with multiple sweet moments between Da Mi and Jung Ji Woon. The two were quick to realize that their dream of living a peaceful life away from the castle is too far out of reach now. Although Da Mi told him to leave and never show his face in the palace, Jung Ji Woon resisted. For the first time, he asked his father for help and got his job back at the castle, just to protect the love of his life. His efforts finally pay off when Da Mi decides to give him a kiss and says that she will bear the consequences of her feelings. Fans all around the world who were rooting for this couple since day one let out sighs of relief.

the king's affection episode 17 recap
Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Won cr: KBS2

If you were floored by this confession, the sweet jealousy between them will melt you even more. Jung Ji Woon unintentionally witnesses the Crown Princess, Noh Ha Kyung, trying to kiss the King. This leads to him sulking all day long. But luckily for him, Da Mi finds his actions cute and decides to reward him with a sweet peck. Fans cannot wait to witness more of such sweet moments between Da Mi and Jung Ji Woon in The King’s Affection Episode 17.

The Death Of Capitan Yoon

Just when we were beginning to move on from the former King’s death, another tragic incident took place. Captain Yoon Hyung Chul, who protected the former King and his daughter no matter how tough the circumstance, passed away. He died while trying to bring the ledger proving her Grandfather’s crime to Da Mi. Till his very last breath, the brave Capitan Yoon kept the promise he made to his master. Adding to that, he also protected Kim Ga On by telling him to escape. What makes this even sadder is that he passed away in the arms of his best friend. Fans are desperately hoping that his sacrifice does not go to waste, and Da Mi’s plan of exposing her Grandfather works out.

Return Of Prince Chang Woon

Fans received the shock of their lives when they saw Prince Chang Woon alive. His fake suicide was the onset of all the trouble and unbearable heartbreak that Lee Hwi is going through. He and Lee Hyun’s older brother, Prince Won San, joined hands after finding the King’s placenta.

Furthermore, the two of them have their minds set on exposing the Crown Prince’s real identity and taking over the throne. The creators pulled up a huge plot twist with this one because fans never expected Chang-Hoon to be this smart. Moreover, Chang-Hoon also recalls the event of when he saw a beautiful lady at the Royal Hunting. Already filled with anger and resentment towards the Crown Prince, Chang Woon is livid when he finds out that the Crown Prince is a woman.

The King's Affection Episode 17 Release Date and Time
The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

He gathers his people and secretly goes to the place where Lee Hwi is attending Captain Yoon’s funeral. Chang Woon does not hesitate in fighting Lee Hwi. Thankfully, Jung Ji Woon is there to look out for him.

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