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Sexy Beasts: Netflix’s Bizarre New Dating Show

Sexy Beasts: Netflix's Bizarre New Dating Show
A Participant in Devil Costume

Sexy Beasts, the trailer for the new bizarre reality dating show, has been dropped. And it has left the fans scratching their heads as to what they had witnessed. However, some readers may know that this is not a genuinely unique concept as it is a remake of a show from back in 2014. So, Netflix has identified it as its new Love is Blind, as the contestants are set on blind dates that have them judge their potential partners only based on personality. Why do you ask? It’s because none of the participants in the show are recognizable as they are all dressed up as anthropomorphic animals. All of the datings takes place as the contestants are clad in their make-up and prosthetics. This concept is bound to be funny as the trailer even previewed a date between a Panda and a Bull.

Sexy Beasts is a six-part show in which each episode will feature a single going out on dates with three other singles. It seems easy, right? But to prove the ever-existing notion of people claiming that they are all about personality, this show has eliminated the concept of looks. This is because each of its participants is dressed up as animals or any creature or being from fiction. All of them are dressed up on Hollywood-quality prosthetics. And reportedly, all 48 of them coursing through two seasons were designed by Kristyan Mallett. After the featured single goes out on their dates, they are asked to pick one out of the three. And only after they decide are they allowed to see what the person actually looks like underneath all the prosthetics. Moreover, they are not allowed to see the other contestants as well.

Sexy Beasts: Netflix's Bizarre New Dating Show

A Bug and a Fish on a date.

Sexy Beasts Release Date

Sexy Beasts is set to be released on 21st July 2021 on Netflix. This show is an iteration of the British series that used to air on BBC Three back in 2014. And here, this dating concept has gained new life as Netflix decided to revamp the show. And here we have Netflix’s new dating show, Sexy Beasts. This show has been given the green light for two seasons. Out of which, both seasons will have six episodes each. While the first season will air in July, the second season should air by the end of the year. Many are glad that this show came about as the U.K. version was full of laughs, potentially having the same effect on the Netflix version. As for the filming, it took place last year during the pandemic in the U.S. and the U.K.

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Sexy Beasts Trailer

According to what we have seen and learned about the Sexy Beasts Trailer, we are about to see a wide range of unusual dates on our screens. The show is being narrated by “Catastrophe” star and comedian Robert Delaney. And as for the dating itself, we will witness several creative prosthetics in 4K. The show has an international cast featuring people who are all dressed up as animals and fictional characters. Some of them include Panda, Bull, Scarecrow, Devil, Fish, Beaver, Bug, etc.

The trailer firstly features a Panda out on a date with a Bull. Here, the Panda is expressing her desire to get married by 26. While this would bring a chuckle to some already, we see the face of the Bull as the Panda keeps rambling to ask if he has Health Insurance. Then we see a Fish and a Bug out for bowling. Here they discuss what they would like about their partner. While the bug does say he is all about personality, the trailer cuts to a Beaver that his first preference is an ass, personality second. Slowly the trailer grasps you into thinking that this is something great as we witness people falling in love without even knowing how the other appears.

Sexy Beasts: Netflix's Bizarre New Dating Show

A Panda on a date.

Then we see the question being brought on, What if you aren’t attracted to the person you see underneath all the make-up. Here’s when we are made to realize that by the end of each episode, the featured single must choose a partner for themselves. After this, the chosen one will reveal what they really look like, bringing jitters to those involved.

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