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Sex/Life Ending Explained: The Ending Might Signal A Second Season?

Sex/Life Ending Explained

Here, we will see all about  Sex/Life Ending Explained. The erotic thriller series Sex/Life grabbed huge attention right from its debut on the streaming platform Netflix. The show made its way back in June. The sensual plotline and an excellent cast ensemble have managed to gain a positive response from viewers. The show has been applauded by fans for its portrayal of the female gaze and the bold choices the lead star makes in the show. The first season finale makes us looking out for more, possibly a second season maybe?

The Netflix show is loosely based on the novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton. The show revolves around a mother of two who is unhappy with her mundane life in the suburban. However, she soon has an interesting encounter with someone from her past, and things spiral down out of control! An epic tale of an obsession gone wrong, the newest Netflix release takes us to a dark journey of desire. Let us take a look at all the details regarding Sex/Life Ending Explained. 

Sex/Life Ending Explained

As fans saw how Billie’s unhappiness with her present life and her obsession with Brad took a rather complicated turn, then things went sour between her and Cooper. Cooper tried to be at par with Billie’s expectations but things went out of control after a heated argument happened between him and Devon which led to a physical fight. Cooper ended up beating Devon. Now, Devon is turning the tables on him while manipulating him in the office. At the end of the first season finale, Cooper finally comes clean in front of his boss about him be taking up Devon.

Sarah Shahi Opens Up About Her Role

Despite Billie and Cooper’s marriage at stake, the two finally decides to rekindle the romance and give their marriage another chance. While leaving the past behind, they seem to be happy, but it was all short-lived! Billie soon starts to envision Brad and ends up going to his place. Now, things have come to the same old mess! With Billie giving in to her obsession, her marriage with Cooper seems to be in danger? 

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Is There Going To Be A Second Season Of The Netflix Thriller Series?

As fans saw an ambiguous end in the first season, a second season is highly probable. While Netflix has not yet made any such announcement, given the positive response the erotic thriller received, it might be renewed after all! If you haven’t already seen the newest thriller on Netflix, here’s the official trailer of a tale so dark that it will keep you hooked till the very end.

If a second season happens we will see more I to Billie’s dilemma between her obsession with Brad and her normal family life with Cooper. The risk is higher this time as Billie’s unhealthy obsession might put her family in grave danger. 

Sex/Life: Cast Details And Where To Watch.

You can watch all the episodes of the hit thriller series exclusively on Netflix. Real-life couple Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi stars in the series as reel life former flames Brad and Billie. Mike Vogel stars as Cooper Connelly. While talking about the bold role, Sarah Shahi admits that contrary to her earlier projects this role was an interesting challenge. Sarah says that she wanted to be a bit risky and cry and show emotional vulnerability for a while now.

Is There Going To Be A Second Season?

She also shed light on the Netflix show saying how the piece is written by a woman and with all the writers being women make it an interesting project. Moreover, it is also directed by all women and this being such a big deal as it brings out the concept of the female gaze. The lead star admits that it was just such an ability to stand for something and it stands for femininity. Sarah Shahi felt honored to be able to be a voice in a way that she felt was important for women that are aptly portrayed in the Netflix series.

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