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Sex Education Season 3: New Trailer Breakdown

What do you know about Sex Education Season 3: New Trailer Breakdown? The new class is soon going to be in session as Netflix has finally released the much-awaited trailer of Sex Education 3. The students of Moordale Secondary School are back with their antics, and this time, it is going to be more than fans can handle! The school has been under strict scrutiny after the teens have earned a bad name, and someone new is here to make things right! The cast returns all the stronger this time! The trailer suggests that we are never the same, and that’s okay! 

The popular comedy-drama series has enjoyed two back-to-back seasons! The second season finale ended with a few cliffhangers while putting a huge question mark on Maeve and Otis’ relationship. The main focus of the trailer: Otis’ mustache! His friends are as shocked as we all are! As these students gear up for yet another session of fun, this time, they are about to face some challenging moments ahead as a lot is at stake this time. With a new head of authority at power, things will change at Moordale School. Let us take a look at all the details regarding Sex Education Season 3: New Trailer Breakdown.

Sex Education Season 3: New Trailer Breakdown.

Sex Education season 3 returns on Netflix on 17 September, and we have a trailer on board! The trailer started with a goat! That’s right; we see a cheerful Maeve getting on the car with Steve and Aimee Gibbs, who are still together by the looks of it. Get ready for more as Moordale Secondary School gets its new headteacher. Jemima Kirke stars as Hope Haddon, the new headteacher.

Sex Education Season 3: New Trailer Breakdown

The new no-nonsense headteacher comes with a strong agenda: To make some big changes in the school! As the trailer suggests, the school has earned a bad name in the media, and the teens are busy exploring more! These teen students are leaving no stone unturned in this exploration and are now the head teacher’s duty to keep that in check. At least that’s what she wants to!

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Are Maeve And Otis Going To Be Back Together?

While fans have been rooting for Maeve and Otis for a long time, it seems like the new season implies some tension between the two! While the two are having a fractured relationship, Otis might have found love with Ruby! The two might be starting a full-fledged relationship in the upcoming season! Take a little sneak peek into the brand new trailer released by Netflix, and the entire is coming back this fall! As the students say in the trailer, they can make things better! Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming season 3. 

Fans soon took to social media and claimed that the world might not be ready for Otis and Ruby as of yet! Some are even speculating that it was Ruby who pulled Otis into the stall bathroom. However, there’s still tension between Maeve and Otis as Eric points out that Otis did not stop caring but rather got his heartbroken! Will Otis be able to come around and start things fresh with Maeve? That is something we have to wait to see. The third season of the hit series arrives this fall. 

Sex Education Season 3: What To Expect?

As the new headmaster says that there is a battle happening for the sexual health of their teenagers as she vows Moordale back on track! We also saw Jean pregnant and has still not said Jakob yet.

Sex Education Season 3: New Trailer Breakdown

Fans will also be seeing a few exciting new additions, including recording artist Dua Saleh joining the hit Netflix series as a no binary student Cal. A lot is happening as series star Asa Butterfield tweeted and assured that fans are a lot ready for season 3! It seems like History is repeating itself as Maeve and Otis are back at it to save the day! Will Moordale be able to resist the new rules and regulations laid down by the new principal in charge? 

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