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SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’: Group Becomes Quadruple Million Seller

SEVENTEEN 'Your Choice'
SEVENTEEN 'Your Choice': Group Becomes Quadruple Million Seller

In the past couple of days, we have already covered extensive information about the latest mini-album from the South Korean boy band – SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’. In our article today, we shall be extending the past thread of information to tell you about the band’s latest achievements. On the 23rd of June 2021, SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’ became the fourth album from the band to have sold over a million copies. This makes the band a ‘quadruple million seller’. Read on to find out more.

Over the last few years, our world has seen a paradigm shift in the power to influence the masses. This follows a change in the global pop culture trends. Now, South Korea is the leading manufacturer of entertainment content. What’s more? The country’s massive K-Pop industry is at the very forefront of this revolution. Let us see how.

SEVENTEEN is a 13 member boy band formed in 2015 by Pledis Entertainment in South Korea. Since their debut about 6 years back, they have made quite a name for themselves. The band has released about 11 mini-albums so far – 9 in Korean and 2 in Japanese. The group also has 3 studio albums, 1 re-issue album, and 2 compilation albums to their credit. Recently, they released one of their most successful albums to date – SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’.

SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’: Group Becomes Quadruple Million Seller

As of June 23rd, SEVENTEEN has sold around 1,300,000 copies of their ‘Your Choice’ album. This data is according to the Hanteo Chart. They had already surpassed a million sales on June 21st. Before ‘Your Choice’, the band achieved similar feats with their albums ‘Heng:garæ’, ‘Semicolon’ and ‘An Ode’. Hence, SEVENTEEN has sold over a million albums a total of 4 times, thereby earning the title of a ‘quadruple million seller’.

SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’ is a part of the band’s ‘Power of Love’ project. The main idea behind this album is to show people the various forms of love that can exist. Their previous album was based on the idea of providing young people hope about their youth. We have often seen the band produce music that people can relate to very easily. Their latest album is an extension of this idea.

SEVENTEEN ‘Your Choice’ has a total of six songs. They are – Heaven’s Cloud, Ready To Love, Anyone, GAM3 BO1, Wave and Same dream, same mind, same night. The diversity in genres within the album perfectly highlights the versatility and vocal range of the group.

SEVENTEEN: Everything You Need To Know

In a recent interview with Forbes, SEVENTEEN opened up about their extensive music-making process. It is more interesting to understand this given the fact that the band has 13 members. It is not inevitable that they face problems with coordination in the group. To facilitate communication, SEVENTEEN is divided into 3 sub-groups. They are – hip-hop unit, vocal unit, and performance unit. This helps every member showcase their talents to the fullest.

SEVENTEEN 'Your Choice'


In their Forbes interview, SEVENTEEN spoke about being a self-producing band. Member Woozi said that this allows them to tell their own stories and ‘put on the clothing’ that they feel is the best. Member DK added how their involvement in the music-making process gives them a ‘greater sense of pride’.

As a large group, the band members have extensive meetings with their company. They also consult each individual unit to understand their opinion on the music being produced. SEVENTEEN also gets a say in their choreographies and stages. The band also spoke about their delight at being able to explain their music to their American fans.

The 13 members of the band are – S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. S. Coups is the leader of the group. What is interesting to take note of here – SEVENTEEN’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, is a subsidiary of HYBE Corporation. This is the label behind the prodigal South Korean septet – BTS. It seems as though all HYBE artists are currently dominating the world.

Fourth-generation boy bands TXT and ENHYPEN are following in the footsteps of their seniors and taking the world by storm. Just a couple of months back, HYBE Corporation took over the management agencies for global popstars Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato among many others. We are very excited to see what comes next for SEVENTEEN.

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