SEVENTEEN Woozi Talks About His Solo Mixtape RUBY


After being in the shadows, Seventeen is back in the headlines again as Woozi has released his new single. With the new year starting, the leader of the boy group Seventeen went on to release his first official solo mixtape, ‘RUBY’. The idol is one of the amazing singer-songwriters and producers in the k-pop industry. And has the credit of over 500 unreleased songs. While ‘Ruby’ is his solo debut, Woozi has already lent his voice to OST for the K-drama The Tale of Nokdu. And have performed a number of solo songs on tours. Releasing “Ruby” on January 3, 2022, Woozi told a different story through his new songs.

While this is SEVENTEEN’s second solo mix-tape, Woozi also contributed his skills to the first one. Back in April 2021, when Hoshi went on to release “Spider”, Woozi helped his friend as he wanted to grow as an artist. For his contribution to the k-pop music industry, Woozi has won the Best Producer at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. When Woozi got the chance to release a one-track mixtape, he decided to create something that would show a new side of him as an artist. Discussing his thoughts with his company, there were a lot of concerns Woozi had in mind.

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SEVENTEEN Woozi Talks About His Debut Mix-Tape “Ruby”

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Talks About The Creation Of ‘Ruby’…

The thought of how he would sound alone was kind of haunting him. But believing in himself and storming his brain for the ideas, and finding his own identity as a solo artist. Woozi went on to release ‘Ruby’ as the result, which was very diverse, colorful, and satisfying. Sitting down with various media sites, Woozi talked about the process he’s gone through. As there is a clear difference between Woozi and Woozi from Seventeen. The process of creating ‘Ruby’ was very different from how the idol works as part of the group. When it comes to creating music for SEVENTEEN, all the boys of the group gather together and discuss the overall message before taking over the music. But working as a solo artist, Woozi went on to pick up the musical instruments first.

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The idol also asked his group members for their feedback. And finally found the vibe he was looking for i.e. the ‘Woozi-like’ vibe. The track has three different sections and genres. Starting with a classical string section, the song moves on to unfold a story that Woozi has been wanting to tell us. The heavy electric guitars, booming drums, and brazen innuendoes take us to the jazz route and piano keys. As we witness some passionate lyrics with a lot of metaphors and symbols. As if the whole song wasn’t enough to make u go starstruck, the cryptic teasers before the release of ‘Ruby’ were a whole trip. With the song being an all-English track, the music video keeps our eyes glued to the screens.

SEVENTEEN Woozi Talks About His Debut Mix-Tape “Ruby”

Talking about the lyrics, Woozi revealed that writing the lyrics in English wasn’t easy at all, but he wanted to go with it as it was the best fit for everyone. He wrote the song with in-house collaborators Bumzu and Shannon. While Bumzu and RISMFILTER’s Park Kitae helped him compose and arrange the song.

Woozi’s Plans For The New Year…

The previous year has been tough for the idol. There were difficult times, but he kept going for himself and his fans. In November, during the Power of Love concerts, the idol was very disappointed when they had to turn the even online instead of in-person. Throughout those hard times, CARATs and the members really gave him a lot of strength. But during the 2022 Weverse Con New Year’s Eve concert, the boys of SEVENTEEN were able to meet the fans face to face. As the year had a good start, Woozi really wants to eat in a restaurant with all the members together. And do all the things that he used to do pre-covid.

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