Hey guys. The new episode of Seven Deadly Sins will be coming out soon. In the previous episode, the Diane was saved by Matrona, who is a new character that has been introduced in the series. Also, we got to see the reason why Meliodas’ strength was taken away from him by Merlin. The reason was quite simple, it was too dangerous. If Meliodas’ was swayed by emotions, then he could go on a rampage.

So, without taking much of your time, I’ll begin with the spoilers for Seven Deadly Sins Episode 9. The episode is titled is “The Promise with the Loved One”. When Meliodas begins the trial, he is greeted by Liz, who is supposed to be dead. Meliodas questions why he is going through the situation.

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 9

Elizabeth also begins her trail because she wants to grow stronger and prove her worth to Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins. In the blink of an eye, the happy situation changes into a gloomy one as Liz dies. Meliodas immediately releases all his anger and calls out for Liz. To his surprise, Liz is alive. Meliodas realizes that this is Zanel’s trail. Meliodas can’t handle the pain from the trail.

Zanel pulls Meliodas back as she thinks, it might be dangerous to continue. Elizabeth says that she is fine with Meliodas failing as he is always protecting his comrades. Meliodas asks Zanel to send him to the trial yet again. Zanel protests that if he continues then his mind will be torn apart.

However, Meliodas has already made his mind and he continues the trial. This time Meliodas undergoes severe pain as well. But, will he be able to surpass his limits and discard all his emotions? I think this is going to be a really good episode. It will be a nice little follow up to the previous episode, which was really good. I think the trial will be over in this episode. They might begin their training after Meliodas’ trial is over. A lot of exciting stuff coming up in the episode. Look forward to it.


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