Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 263 Summary

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 263

In the previous chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins, Monspiet was killed Estarossa after Derrierie’s carelessness. Estarossa succeeded in taking another commandment for himself. It is still unknown why Estarossa is collecting the commandments for himself. It is possibly a plan to stop his elder brother before he can become the Demon King. Without any further ado, let’s start with the summary of Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 263.

Summary of Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 263

Estarossa and the Archangels start chatting. The former senses their hatred towards him. But the Archangels are blessed with the Supreme Deity’s protection so the Love decree won’t work on them. This triggered Tarmiel’s question about Mael killed by the Commandment. Estarossa answers that he’s stronger than him, and stabs Tarmiel. Elizabeth deals with the Black Hound by summoning a sort of whale. The technique is called Passion of Jonah.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 263

She then tries to call out to someone as she doesn’t see anyone around. Derrierie says the Purgatory Fire doesn’t go out until it’s burnt down every flesh and bone. Then a voice is heard and it’s Diane’s. The latter blows the ground up, revealing everybody. Tarmiel then liquefies away.

Estarossa proceeds to attack Sariel but something bounces it off and wounds his arm. Sariel uses Tornado and gushes of wind blow the Love away. Estarossa notices Tarmiel and plunges into the water. In fact, the Ocean grace has been activated here, as its name implies, it’s a literal ocean.

A voice says welcome to the domain of the gods, the space created by the graces, that Estarossa can’t escape it. The wind and ocean continue messing with Estarossa. Then comes another technique called Enlil’s Divine Punishment: several bolts of lightning strike him.

That is some chapter. Estarossa is getting some beating. He is a really cool character and I hope that we get more insight into the whole Mael thing.


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