Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 283 – Ban And Mel Is Back

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 283 1

In the last chapter of Seven Deadly Sins, Mael has been saved, and the only one who needs to be reclaimed is Meliodas. Will he be able to defeat the Demon King? Is he powerful enough to do so? Will we see Ban and Meliodas reunite and fight back against one of their greatest enemies?  We will know in Seven Deadly Sins chapter 283.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 283 – Demon King’s Power

When it comes to power, there’s no better display of it than defeating an enemy in just one punch. I’m not referencing to One Punch Man or something else, but we will see an incredible one punch in Seven Deadly Sins chapter 283. The Demon King will send Meliodas flying in the air with just one punch. Meliodas will then wake up beside Hawk and Ban, who happened to have healed him.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 283 1

Ban then said that for the last 60 years, he tried to suck the stamina and power of the Demon King. However, his power is the one that gets sucked. Instead, that’s why he thought of a different approach and tried “giving” instead of “taking.” When asked if he’s okay, Ban answered that he is and there’s no reason to be worried because he’s immortal.

Meliodas then said that their biggest problem is the Demon King’s “The Ruler” ability. Ban seems to have no idea how to land a hit on him. However, Meliodas revealed that what “The Ruler” really does is “Reversal.” To put it this way, all the things that you throw on the Demon King that are meant to hurt him will heal him and vice versa. The Demon King confirmed this to help them fight him and to also get a good fight. The real battle started in Seven Deadly Sins chapter 283, but the action will be on Seven Deadly Sins chapter 284. That’s all for this article. Stay tuned for more updates.

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