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Serpent Season 1 On Netflix? Everything We Know

The Serpent Season 1

When it comes to crime dramas packed with a lot of action, drama as well as emotions, Serpent Season 1 is likely to take the first spot. This show is based on a true story of a serial killer named Charles Sobhraj. He ruthlessly killed young tourists around the globe. Since its dawn on BBC one, this crime television series has been amassing huge popularity as well as high ratings by the audience. Starring Tahar Rahim as the lead actor and Jenna Coleman, Serpent Season 1 will soon be available for streaming on Netflix. This article will find out everything about this show, when will it hit Netflix and other fun things that you should know.

The Serpent- Story of a serial killer, Charles Sobhraj

The Serpent- Story of a serial killer, Charles Sobhraj

Having released its first episode on BBC one, this show is a “stand out” from the rest of the crime dramas. With an intriguing storyline and bringing back the era of the hippie trail, The Serpent must be on your watch-list. If you are into crime thrillers and looking for something extraordinary to watch to give you chills, this series is worth a shot. The IMDb rating of the crime drama that is, 7.7/10 speaks for itself. The writers of the show include Richard Warlow, Toby Finlay, as well as Tom Shankland. They truly managed to keep the audience hooked to the series from the beginning till its very end. Having said that, let’s now jump into the next section to know when will this series be available for streaming on Netflix.

When will The Serpent Season 1 be available on Netflix?

The mini-series, The Serpent Season 1 consisting of merely 8 episodes will premiere on Netflix US on April 2, 2021. This announcement was made via Netflix’s Twitter handle a few days before expressing their happiness. Well, if you can’t wait till this long, you always have the option of binge-watching this show on BBC iPlayer. If you have a paid subscription to this streaming service, you can get a kick out of all the episodes here. However, if you don’t have the access to it, you will have to wait for one more month to enjoy watching it on Netflix.

The Serpent Season 1 will soon be available on Netflix

The Serpent Season 1 will soon be available on Netflix

Here’s a piece of sad news for the UK residents. Netflix UK will not be having the rights of streaming The Serpent Season 1 until BBC one is done airing all the episodes. Most likely, they will take one or a year more for the same. Until then, you can watch the episodes on BBC iPlayer.

Storyline: What is the show all about?

Developed by Mammoth Screen, The Serpent is a true revolution of crime dramas. It spins around a ruthless serial killer who murdered dozens of tourists on his Asia’s hippie trail. The man, Charles Sobhraj is currently waiting for his death in the prions of Nepal. He had that knack for getting people to listen to him and get his work done. Charles Sobhraj had a way with words. And, using his communication skills, he seduced a young woman named Monique to indulge with him in his wrong practices. She was so attracted to him that she couldn’t deny his offer. And, allowed him to take control of her life as well.

Tahir Rahim as Charles Sobhraj

Tahir Rahim as Charles Sobhraj

It’s not that Charles never got caught by the police for his crimes. In fact, he was caught red-handed by the agents numerous times but managed to escape every time. You will get confused many times with the scenes and their time zones. Rest assured, you will not feel off and mundane at any point.

The Serpent Season 1 is a good story that showcases the mindset of serial killers. It also makes the viewers understand what makes them commit crimes and kill people. It has never been easy for people to let go of the past and heal their wounds. What forced Sobhraj to kill the innocent tourists? What sadistic pleasure did he get in taking the lives of young hippies? Well, to get an answer to all these questions, you need to watch this show. The show is soon going to hit Netflix. So, don’t forget to satisfy your curious minds this April and learn the truths yourself!

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