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September Kpop Comebacks To Look Forward To!

September kpop comebacks 2021
Lisa to make her solo debut in September with LALISA

Kpop idols are all set to release new music this September. And hence, we present you the list of all the September Kpop Comebacks down below. From ATEEZ to ITZY to MONSTA X, expect blockbuster music from all the trending Kpop groups. Every month idols and artists prepare singles, mini albums, and surprise music to reward their fans. And, this September, the list has gotten a little bigger. There is a treat for every fandom this month as singles and various mini albums are coming out. So, are you ready for the September Kpop Comebacks?

The fall season is here, and so is the new music. And with new music, get ready to groove and learn new choreographies. Down below in the article, we will mention all the music coming out in September, along with the details you need.

September kpop comebacks 2021

Hyuna and Dawn

September Kpop Comebacks

1. September 1

  • Fromis_9 made their first-ever comeback under PLEDIS Entertainment with the album Talk & Talk. 
  • Lee Eun Sang made a comeback with his album Beautiful Sunshine. 
  • Super Junior Kihyun released a remake of VIBE’s “On a Starry Night” for his “REVIBE” project.

2. September 2

  • A.C.E released their repackaged album, “Changer: Dear Eris.”
  • Heou Young Saeng had dropped his single album, “MI CASA SU CASA.”
  • NELL, the rock band, unveiled their full-length album, “Moments in between.”
  • Kpop Boy group ASTRO dropped the single “Alive” from Universe Group.

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3. September 3

  • Producer Ryan Jhun drops MAXIS featuring Loona members – HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Yves.
  • MONSTA X’s I.M released a single for Baverse Studio.

4. September 6

  • OMEGA X to make their first comeback with a single “WHAT’S GOIN ON.”
  • Day 6’s Young K to make his solo debut with the album “Eternal.”
  • STAY C to make a comeback with mini-album, “STEREOTYPE.”

5. September 7

  • Baek A Yeon to drop new mini-album, “Observe.”
  • Super Junior member Sungmin will release his new single, “Goodnight, Summer.”

6. September 8

  • ICHILLIN’ to make a debut with a digital single, “GOT’ YA.”
  • PURPLE KISS to drop their mini-album, “HIDE & SEEK.”
  • MEGAMAX will debut with the album, “Painted÷LOVE:).”


7. September 9

  • The IT couple of Kpop world – Hyuna and Dawn-dropped their first album, “1+1=1,” together.
  • Lee Hi unveils her full-length studio album, “4 ONLY.”

8. September 10

  • Blackpink’s Lisa will make her highly-awaited solo debut with the album “LALISA.”
  • Baek Yerin will release her cover album, “Love, Yerin.”
  • MONSTA X will drop a new single, “ONE DAY.”

9. September 13

  • KQ Entertainment boy group ATEEZ  will drop their mini-album “ZERO: FEVER Part.3.”

10. September 14

  • Wonho is coming up with his new album, “Blue Letter.”

11. September 17

  • NCT’s subunit NCT 127 to drop their first Korean studio full-length album “STICKER.” This will be their first comeback in over a year.
September kpop comebacks 2021

NCT 127’s teaser for ‘STICKER.’

12. September 20

  • Highlight’s Yang Yeosob to drop his first full-length album as a soloist. The title of the album is still a mystery.

13. September 24

  • JYP’s hit girl group ITZY will unveil their first full-length studio album, “Cray in Love,”  since their debut. The fourth-generation girl group has created a massive frenzy due to their songs. And fans are crazy waiting for their new album.
September kpop comebacks 2021

ITZY’s ‘Crazy in Love’ Teaser

14. September Kpop Comeback- Unknown Dates

Some of the groups and artists have not yet disclosed the date and name of their upcoming music. However, we still have some information on the upcoming music. SHINee’s Key will be dropping a solo album in late September. The date is yet to be announced by SM Entertainment and Key. Ex-2NE1 member and rapper CL will also release the second single from her new album, “ALPHA.” Lastly, Ciipher is scheduled to make their first comeback with the mini-album “BLIND.”

At present, the above artists will be releasing new music. However, we still have the complete month to inform you about more upcoming music. In September, Kpop comebacks, many new groups will make their debut. And, we know we are thrilled to cover more information. But, until then, enjoy the already released music and upcoming tracks.

Next month, we will update you with new Kpop music. For now, keep reading, and stay tuned to get information on your favorite pop culture news, movie, films, and more.

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