Seohyun and Lee Jun Young Share Thrilling Chemistry As Office Collegues In Teaser Of Netflix’s Love & Leashes Movie

Love & Leashes Netflix movie

Netflix meets all ends to fill its library with Korean content every other day. With new Kdramas adding to the giant streamer every month, Netflix is also focusing on Korean films. Love & Leashes is its upcoming addition. Recently, it shared the teaser and poster of Love & Leashes starring its prominent cast members- Seohyun and Lee Jun-Young. The thrilling and exciting Netflix movie attracts viewers’ attention with its intriguing storyline. Hence, all the details, including teaser, poster, synopsis, and the release date of Netflix’s Love & Leashes, will be mentioned below.

Adapted from a webtoon of the same name by Winter, Love & Leashes is a story of two office employees who entangle themselves in a proactive and thrilling romance. Ji Hoo (Lee Jin Young) is a blunt, cold, and perfect man with unique tastes. On the other hand, Ji Woo (SNSD’s Seohyun) is a competent public relations team employee who finds about Ji Hoo’s particular likes.

The film has recently dropped character posters. Plus, the new teaser is enough to entice you into getting your Netflix subscription to watch Love & Leashes after its release.

Netflix Movie – Love & Leashes: Cast and Charcaters

Love & Leashes is led by a minimal cast. However, we are still excited to see the chemistry between Seohyun and Lee Young Jun explode in the upcoming Netflix movie. Back in March 2021, Lee Jung Young and Seohyun were confirmed to star in a Netflix romantic film.

U-KISS’s Lee Jin Young will play Ji Hoo, a quiet and cold man. He is brilliant in his work; however, his likings are precisely the opposite of his outside demeanor. The actor has previously worked in dramas such as “Let Me Be Your Knight,” “Imitation,” “Please Don’t Date Him,” and many more.

Love & Leashes movie - L:ee Jun Young
Lee Jun Young (cr: Netflix)

Seohyun, who has impressed the fans with her principal roles in “Personal Life,” “Time,” and “Hello Dracula,” will take on the part of stern yet passionate Ji Woo. She is an employee in the public relations department and is not afraid to speak her thoughts. Accidently, one day, she receives the package of his colleague Ji Hoo and learns about his sexual preferences.

Love & Leashes movie - Seohyun
Seohyun (cr: Netflix)

Love & Leashes also casts Kim Bo Ra. She is known for her roles in “Sky Castle,” “Love Scene Number,” and “Touch.” But, her character description is unknown yet.

Park Hyun Jin of “Like for Likes” and “I am Your Bleating Phone” will direct the film.

Love & Leashes Character Posters and Teaser

Netflix has recently released the teaser and character still from its upcoming Korean movie, Love & Leashes. The new posters are set in the office, where we can see Ji Hoo and Ji Woo in a witty situation. The last steps on Ji Hoo’s shoulder with his black high-heels.

Although the two have a senior-junior relationship in the office, Ji Woo will get a hold of the partnership after knowing Ji Hoo’s fantasies and desires. The poster featuring the two leads reads: “Respecting personal preferences, top-down obedience romance.”

The individual character posters channel their personalities clearly. Ji Woo poses with a riding crop. And the text on the image reads: “Rookie player domme Ji Woo.” On the other hand, Ji Hoo is seen with a leash around his neck as he bites on it. Ji Hoo’s poster text says: “Experienced player sub Ji Hoo.”

In the short teaser clip of Love & Leashes, Ji Woo and Ji Hoo enjoy their own personalized game at the office. Ji Woo gets into the “dominant” character while tieing Ji Hoo with purple ropes. Meanwhile, Ji Hoo sits on the floor looking at Ji Woo with innocent eyes.

Love & Leashes Movie Release Date

Love & Leashes is making its grand premiere on 11 February 2022, only on Netflix. The film will release on the giant streamer, airing worldwide, and available to all the subscribers.

Love & Leashes official poster (cr: Netflix)

You can watch the film on Netflix. All you need is a subscription to the streaming service. And, you’ll be open to several Kdramas, movies, and content.

Are you excited about Love & Leashes? In the meantime, watch Lee Jun Young in Let Me Be Your Knight here. 

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