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Seo In Guk Talks About Park Bo Young In ‘Doom At Your Service’ Drama

Seo In Guk talks about his thoughts on Park Bo Young for Doom At Your Service
Official teaser poster featuring Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang for Doom At Your Service (Credit: tvN)

Not only amazing dramas but rather interesting pairings are coming up on screen in 2021 in Korean dramas. The latest upcoming drama, Doom At Your Service, will see Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk pairing opposite each other. It is one of the most anticipated pairings as the leading casts are getting paired together for the first time. Moreover, it is Seo In Guk’s return to the small screen after three years. He got last seen as a leading cast in the 2018’s television series; The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Seo In Guk did have a Cameo role in the 2019’s Abyss and 2021’s Navillera. 

While Park Bo Young also last got seen as the leading actress in 2019’s Abyss. It is also her return to the small screen after her 2019’s television series. Doom At Your Service is a romantic fantasy drama depicting a woman that, has just a hundred days to live and a man who brings everything he comes in contact with to disappear. The drama released its first teaser poster and video in the last week of March and April’s first week. Recently, Seo In Guk talked about his thoughts on acting with Park Bo Young and also in the drama. Let’s have a look at what he has to say. 

Dooms Day At Your Service: Seo In Guk’s take on his role 

Dooms Day At Your Service leading actor is Seo In Guk in the role of the Myul Mang, a supernatural being. The actor recently explained the reason for choosing the drama as his return to the small screen. He said the role and storyline appeared appealing to him. He found himself drawn to the plotline with the idea that the being has fallen in love, which is itself the cause why things vanish. Moreover, Myul Mang’s role is also not easy as it seems as he is one complicated and mysterious supernatural being. Seo In Guk’s himself confessed that the character’s emotions always worried him. 

Seo In Guk dishes on chemistry with Park Bo Young

A look from the official teaser video wherein Tak Dong Kyung meet Myul Mang for the first time (Credit: tvN)

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The actor also mentioned he is primarily keeping a note on communicating the feelings that come with the age of Myul Mang in his acting. However, the exact age of Myul Mang is not known. Moreover, Myul Mang holds back the coldness and boredom with which he proceeds towards everything. Seo In Guk added that the screenwriter and director told him that they would like the role of Myul Mang to be such that there is every type of charm in him. One who is not only cute and frosty but also cool, naive, and sexy at the same time. 

Dooms Day At Your Service: Seo In Guk’s shares about his chemistry with Park Bo Young

Dooms Day At Your Service, Seo In Guk’s talked about his chemistry with his co-star in the drama. Park Bo Young, playing Tak Dong Kyung’s role, is the leading actress for the series and Seo In Guk’s co-star. Well, Seo In Guk is full of praises for working with Park Bo Young. He said he heard about Park Bo Young previously from a close director of his. Thus, he also knew that at some point, they have to work together. Now, he is happy that through the series, they got a chance to work together. Seo In Guk continued he thought to himself, Park Bo Young is a born actress, and he has a lot to learn from her while working together. 


Further, the actor has confidence in their chemistry on-screen. He is filming happily currently as the director also said that the on-screen chemistry between the pair really shines. In the upcoming drama, there will be a dangerous and new charm to Seo In Guk as Myul Mang, who will be the being for, administering all death as his work. The actor remarked the fantasy romance in Doom At Your Service is not only unique but also strong. The drama has everything up to sad stories from a delightful and beautiful one. Seo In Guk asks everyone to show lots of love for the 100-day limit between Dong Kyung and Myul Mang. 

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