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Sennett Devermont Net Worth: How Rich is He?

How much does the renowned activist Sennett Devermont earn? In today’s article, we shall discuss him. You must be wondering who he is and what is his identity. Well, if we name his girlfriend, you will be able to recognize him on point. Sennett Devermont has gained recognition and fame in the industry after pairing up with the very famous American actress and model Jaime King. After pairing up with her, he has indeed gained fame, but Sennett also has his own identity. He also has worked for his career and is quite well-known in the industry in which he works. For those who don’t know Sennett Devermont, this article is going to help you a lot. You must be thinking about what he is famous for and what are his earnings.

In today’s article, we shall discuss everything about Sennett Devermont’s professional life and career that led to a whopping net worth. If you are a fan of Sennett Devermont, go ahead and get into this article to know further about his early life, career, and wealth. Without further ado, let’s jump into this article.

Who is Sennett Devermont? Peek into his early life and career

Sennett Devermont is a renowned activist, born on 7th November 1987. He was born in Santa Monica, California, United States. He was born to his mother Arlene Devermont and father Dennis Devermont. Both of his parents were supportive in his career that helped him to be successful in life. Without the blessings and support of parents, an individual can’t be successful in life. Sennett Devermont attended San Diego State University from where he earned a degree in Communications and Media Studies. Since his childhood days, he was interested in starting his business. He was never interested in jobs where he needs to work under someone. He considers himself his boss.

Sennett Devermont Net Worth

Sennett Devermont, renowned activist

Sennett Devermont is the creator of Anarchy Street and served as a CEO for three years. He is also the CEO of PaidAttention, LLC, etc. Before these creations, he has served at his father’s law firm for six years (2009-2015). Sennett Devermont is very popular for his creation Mr Checkpoint application which earned more than 4 lakh downloads. In July 2020, he also founded the Sudoku Saver. He is not very much active on Instagram but it holds 41.4k followers as of 11th August 2021.

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Sennett Devermont’s Net Worth: How much does the activist earn?

We can’t be very specific about his earnings. But the estimated net worth of Sennett Devermont is $1.5 million. As he is a renowned activist and an entrepreneur, most of his earnings are from his creations like Mr. Checkpoint application and many more. He is popular for this specific creation Mr. Checkpoint. Also after pairing up with the famous American actress and model, Jaime King, Sennett Devermont has gained quite a lot of popularity and fame in the entertainment industry.

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Sennett Devermont Personal Life

By now you must be knowing that Sennett Devermont is dating Jaime King, the famous American actress. At the beginning of their relationship, the couple didn’t reveal it. When it came to their relationship, they preferred to stay quiet. But recently, the duo confirmed their romantic relationship on 4th August 2021 after posting a picture of their engagement. Yes, you read it right.

Sennett Devermont Net Worth

Jaime King and Sennett Devermont are engaged to each other

The renowned activist Sennett Devermont is finally engaged to an American actress Jaime King. Though it is the second marriage of Jaime, it feels like they are made for each other. The pictures which she posts on her Instagram account portray the romantic genuine bond between the two. She never fails to show off her mystery man, Sennett Devermont. It seems like Sennett is very much lucky to have her in his life. His followers wish him good luck for his career in the upcoming days of his life.

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