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Selling Sunset Season 5 Filming Locations: Where Is The Oppenheim Group Based At?

Selling Sunset Season 5 Filming Locations
Selling Sunset Season 5 Filming Locations

The Netflix reality television series Selling Sunset Season 5 filming locations are something else! The brokers from the Oppenheim group are always on the hunt for the hottest real estate while also having a very active personal life. And that’s exactly what we see in this fast-paced reality show that just dropped on Netflix a few days ago.

Many of you might be wondering where they film the show. Well, after reading this post, you will have all those details. And in case you’re new to this reality show, it follows the high-end real estate brokers of the Oppenheim group in their personal and professional lives. It’s one of those cool shows you can watch for easy viewing if you’re into realities about relationships and lifestyle. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the filming locations. Let’s go!

The view from one of the homes that the Oppenheim brokers sell from Los Angeles, California

Selling Sunset Season 5 Filming Locations

The show is filmed in its entirety in Los Ángeles. It’s a California show. And sometimes, if any of the cast goes on a vacation, the crew might follow them there. For example, in the past seasons, some of the cast took a trip to Greece. Well, they went there. Since the show is also focused on following their lives, it’s only logical that they do it. Still, the bulk of the show follows their professional lives as real estate brokers in the high-end world of properties in sunny liberal California.

All of the show is filmed all over Los Ángeles, California. Depending on what the brokers have to do that day, the filming crew moves along with them. Consequently, one day they might be in Downtown L.A., or at their offices. On the same day, they may go to the Hills or to someplace all over the Greater Los Ángeles area. One thing’s for sure. We won’t see them selling properties in any low-income areas like Compton or anywhere near South Central!

Selling Sunset Season 5 Filming Locations

That house went on the market for over nine million dollars!

Los Ángeles, California

If you’re in the market for a high-end property in Los Angeles, you need to be aware of the current market conditions. That’s the case for the brokers for the Oppenheim Group. The market for luxury homes has been softening in recent months, which means that buyers have more negotiating power than they did a year ago. That’s why the game is so high stakes for them!

When we see the show, we notice how the brokers take into consideration several aspects like the profile of the buyer and the location. But also the market. Since the luxury market is not immune to the same economic forces that are affecting the rest of the housing market, the current downturn in the economy has caused many people to reconsider their purchase of luxury homes. This means that there are more sellers than buyers in the market, which gives buyers even more negotiating power. And we’ve seen tough negotiations in the show too. Some buyers simply don’t want to give away millions out of the blue. Like everybody, they want to get more bang for their buck!

Selling Sunset Trailer:

Where To Watch Selling Sunset Season 5?

If you want to see these real estate brokers kick it along in business and in their personal lives in sunny liberal California, then Netflix is the only place you need to go! The streaming giant owns all the distribution rights to this original series —and given the current stock price of that company, they’re not sharing any material, not now, not ever!

Consequently, you won’t find it anywhere else. Fortunately, you can get Netflix from anywhere around the world just for US$ 9.99! Starting from that price, you get access to all of its content. That way, you can stream Selling Sunset’s current and past seasons, as well as many other quality programs and movies that the platform has to offer. We’re signing off from our side. Hope you enjoyed this article. If so, share it with your friends on social media! Happy streaming! See you soon!

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