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What To Expect From Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14?

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14
Sell Your Haunted House

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 is the most highly anticipated episode. We were not lying when we said that the plot in Sell Your Haunted House is thickening. Furthermore, Hong Ji Ah puts her life at risk to discover the truth behind her mother’s death twenty years ago. But is Hong Ji Ah actually ready to face that traumatic day again? After discovering the painful truth, Hong Ji Ah decides to quit doing exorcisms. Which leaves us with the question: have we really lost our real estate/ exorcist badass female lead?

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 will be releasing soon. The ongoing television drama has a total of sixteen episodes. Although we are sad that the end is close, we are dying to know what happens. Sell Your Haunted House has the cute Jang Na Ra and the handsome Jung Yong Hwa as the main leads. Furthermore, Jang Na Ra is one of the best South Korean actresses, and Jung Yong Hwa is the band CNBLUE. Both of them together look like magic on the screen.

The plot of the drama revolves around Hong Ji Ah, who runs Daebak Realty, a real estate agency that rids properties off of ghosts. Hong Ji Ah meets the con artist Oh In Beom, who has a special necklace that will help her discover the mystery behind her mother’s death. The previous episode of Sell Your Haunted House unveiled the horrendous mystery of Hong Ji Ah’s mother’s death. Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 will answer how Hong Ji Ah, Oh In Beom, and Manager Jo cope with the past. In this article, we will tell you the release date of Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 and what you can expect from it.

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 Release Date

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 will release on June 2. The ongoing South Korean television drama was first broadcasted on April 14 on KBS2. Furthermore, fans are blessed with two new episodes each week. The episodes air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 PM according to Korean Standard Time which is 7:30 AM CT. International viewers canwatch the series on Rakuten Viki . Moreover, the subtitles are available in more than one language. Each scene in Sell Your Haunted Hause Episode 14 is going to be exciting, so don’t forget to tune in.

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14

Sell Your Haunted House

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14: What to Expect?

A drama that is totally refreshing because of its unique approach towards horror and comedy. Sell Your Haunted House has everyone hooked. Ever since the first episode, we see how Hong Ji Ah is desperate to bring peace to her mother’s unrested spirit. However, something or the other keeps getting in the way. But in episode 13 of the drama, Hong Ji Ah finally discovers what happened on the day her mother died 20 years ago. She was so adamant about discovering the truth that she did not care about her own life and ended up in a coma. Let us take a quick recap of the previous episode before we tell you what you can expect from Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14.

What went on in the previous episode?

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14

Sell Your Haunted House

After finding out the truth by risking her life, Hong Ji Ah ends up in a coma. When she wakes up, she tells both Oh In Beom and Manager Jo that she does not want to look at them. The scene is heartbreaking as Oh In Beom waited outside her hospital room the entire night. She decides to quit exorcism. After distancing herself from anyone, she goes to the grandmother at Blue Salt. When he can’t find Hong Ji Ah anywhere, he turns to Manager Jo for help. He discovers that the necklace that protects him was actually given by Manager Jo.

He goes all the way to the bamboo forest to talk to Hong Ji Ah, but she refuses. Furthermore, the missing son of Chang Hwa’s Restaurant’s owner dies. Everyone attends the funeral. Hong Ji Ah sees that the son has become an unrested spirit. When the owner tearfully asks for help, she can’t refuse. When they perform exorcism, the spirit refuses to enter the psychic’s body. Hong Ji Ah comes to the realization that both she and the restaurant owner are responsible for their loved ones turning into unrested spirits.

What to Expect from Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14?

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14 will be emotionally packed. Hong Ji Ah will probably return to her job. As the preview shows, Oh In Beom will try hard to find the memorandum. It will be very hard as Kim Tae Jin has run away with it and plans to sell it to Do Hak Sung. Moreover, after realizing that she is the reason behind why her mother has remained as a wandering spirit Hong Ji Ah is torn. We can expect Hong Ji Ah and Oh In Beom to stay by each other during these hard times. The best part would be when Do Hak Sung will be punished for all the sins and deaths that he has caused. We excitedly await Sell Your Haunted House Episode 14.

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