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Security Ending Explained & Plot Summary

Netflix Security film ending explained

The plot of Security (2021) follows Roberto Santini (Marco D’Amore) who runs a security surveillance company. His surveillance system keeps a tab on some of the wealthiest clients’ villas. An insomniac, Roberto’s personal life, and family are going through a rough patch. On a winter night, several surveillance cameras pick up a young girl peeping into them. When his clients egg him to look into the matter, Roberto starts investigating the footage. The young girl in question is the sexually assaulted Maria Spezi. She is the daughter of Walter Spezi, Roberto’s ex-technician who he fired many years ago. Since Walter is an alcoholic with a history of abuse and sexual assault, he’s the obvious choice for the perpetrator. The police arrest Walter and charge him for assaulting his daughter. However, when Maria wakes up from a coma, her revelation unravels a more complex case than what it seemed at first.

The ending of Security sees Roberto confirming that Dario’s not the only one involved in the case. On the night of the crime, Dario was with Maria and both of them were drunk. However, there were two other people besides Dario that night. One of them was, as we later find out, Stefano Tommasi. And another one was none other than the owner of the villa himself, Curzio Pilati. After Roberto convinces him, Dario confesses to the police. The truth comes out and we learn that Curzio Pilati was the one who sexually and physically assaulted Maria. As it turns out, Curzio is a germaphobe, and consequently, has an aversion to sexual intimacy. To quench his sexual appetite, he simulates a voyeuristic situation with the help of Dario. Dario used to bring girls to the villa and have sex with them. Meanwhile, Curzio pleasured himself, watching covertly.

Security 2021 review

Roberto. Security (2021).

Security Ending Explained

Who Assaulted Maria?

On the night of Maria’s assault, Dario refused to have sex with the unconscious Maria and left. After that, Curzio took things even further and sexually assaulted her. However, when his phobia kicked in, a repulsed Curzio started physically assaulting Maria. Following the disgusting incident, Curzio ordered his men to delete all the footage. Meanwhile, Walter wants to commit suicide but fails. Blaming himself for what happened to his daughter, he decides to get himself killed by the police. After He stages an act with a knife in his hand, the police kill him. After knowing the truth, Roberto decides to bring him to justice. He edits the footage of Curzio in his villa in a manner that implicates his culpability. He then broadcasts that edited footage across the community. The ending of Security sees the community finally coming out of their villas and discuss the heinous acts of Pilati.

Security Netflix release date

Curzio Pilati. Security (2021).

How Did Pilati Escape Suspicion?

Throughout the film, Roberto’s, as well as others’ judgment, was marred by their privilege and ignorance. The poor and outcast Walter was an easy choice as the likely culprit for everybody. While the rich and philanthropic Pilati, who had the incriminating evidence deleted, was the furthest from anyone’s scope of suspicion. Nobody bothered to probe into the actual reality as the whole community comprised of wealthy and sheltered people. Roberto’s wife, Claudia, was among those who couldn’t look past their blindness. She felt indebted to Curzio since he helped her become the mayor. For her, Pilati was like a god who could do no wrong. However, the people finally see the philanthropic Pilati for what he really is — a disgusting creep. Claudia was also the reason for Walter’s firing. Claudia saw Walter molesting her and Roberto’s daughter, Angela in her childhood.

Security Ending: Angela’s Reveal About Walter

Netflix Security film cast

Maria with her father Walter. Security/Netflix (2021).

However, as Angela later reveals, it was a misunderstanding and carelessness on Claudia’s part that led to the incident. Angela had accidentally walked into Walter peeing behind a tree. When Claudia encountered Angela, she saw her and Walter nearby, with his pants unzipped. The anger blinded her and in the wake of irrationality, she accused Walter of molestation. This eventually led to Roberto firing Walter from his job. As a consequence, Walter fell from grace, doubled down on his drinking, and his reputation sullied beyond repair. While a working man Walter becomes an easy target for the society, Pilati lavishes in exemption by default. The movie comments on the disparity between people’s skewed perception regarding the working man and the wealthy. In the ending of Security, Roberto laments his friend’s tragic death and calls it quits with Claudia.

Security (2021) is currently streaming on Netflix.

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