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Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1: Release Date, Cast & Trailer

Secret Royal Inspector & JOy Episode 1 release date
Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1 updates

Another Kdrama is coming soon to your tv screens. After making you hate him in the 2021 hit Vincenzo, Ok-Taecyeon is coming up with a new character in “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy.” He will be joined by Kim Hye Yoon, who has previously amazed fans in “Extraordinary You.”  Fans are religiously waiting to see the two on-screen together, and their wishes will turn true very soon. Moreover, get all the details on Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1 below in the article. From its release date to cast to trailer, we have covered all for you.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy is an upcoming South Korean romantic drama. The tvN network original will follow the story of a secret royal inspector who takes up undercover missions to expose corruption in the provinces. Destiny introduces him to a lady who is trying to get away from her current husband. The duo then teams up to unleash the dirty secret of the provinces together. And, as per our Kdrama knowledge, we will also find the two falling for each other, eventually.

The action, comedy, and romance is awaiting the Kdrama enthusiasts. So, let’s dive deep into “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” release date, cast, and latest updates.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1 Release Date

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy will be released on November 8, 2021, and is set to conclude at the end of the year. The drama will have 16 episodes, following the usual Kdrama schedule. As per the broadcast details, new episodes will drop every Monday and Tuesday on the tvN network. Moreover, the run time for each episode is 70-75 minutes.

Watch Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy is getting attention from all across the globe, mainly because of its cast. The drama will release in the region on tvN, but international fans are also looking forward to witnessing the drama. Thankfully, there are two options to stream the upcoming tvN drama easily.

To watch Secret Royal Inspector & Joy online, tune into Rakuten Viki and WeTV. The online streaming services will offer the fans the to watch the drama online and with English subtitles. All you need is a subscription to both the online portals, and you are ready to enjoy the new Kdrama- Secret Royal Inspector & Joy.

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Secret Royal Inspector  & Joy Cast

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy cast includes Ok Taecyeon (2 PM), who will be taking on the role of Ra Yi Yeon. Yi-Yeon always planned to open a dumpling store out of the capital, but due to his intelligence, he passed the state exam and became an official in the Special Affairs office. Although he does not have his new respectable job, he gets good at it because of his smartness. Later, he starts getting orders to execute secret missions.

Secret Royal Inspector & JOy Episode 1 release date

Ok Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon (cr: tvN)

In the female lead role, we will find Kim Hye Yoon playing Kim Jo Yi. Jo-Yi is a revolutionary woman living in the Joseon Era, and she has some contradictory thoughts on women suffering after marriage. Due to her unorthodox nature, Jo-Yi is open to the idea of a divorce. While looking for ways to divorce her husband, she will meet Ra Yi Yeon, and they will work together to solve each other’s problems.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy also cast Lee Jae Kyoon as Park Tae Soo, Bae Jong Ok as Deok Bong, Joeng Bo Seok as Park Seung, Min Jin Woong as Yook Chil, and many others.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1 Preview

In the trailer for Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Episode 1, we find Ra Yi Yeon, a clumsy yet brave government official who is lazy at his job. One night, he faces the nightmare of his life as he receives a letter to become the secret royal inspector. Besides hating his job, he also believes that secret royal inspectors are killed. Hence, he goes undercover in the province.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, we meet Kim Jo Yi, who is tired of her lousy husband. To get her life back, she demands a divorce and wants to live independently. In the Joseon Era, she stands out as no woman makes a bold move to separate from her husband.

Both Ri Yeon and Jo-Yi have a meet, but it’s not cute; she is not impressed by his undercover and sends him with a flick. What will happen when the two will start working together?

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