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Spoilers & Preview: Second Husband Episode 7

Second Husband Episode 16
Second Husband cr: MBC

Second Husband Episode 7 is airing very soon. Second Husband is an ongoing South Korean daily TV series. Moreover, it is new to the game of daily kdramas. Although it has just started, the daily drama has attracted a lot of attention from viewers. Second Husband has an amazing story as well as a talented cast. The cast of the drama has a lot of skilled actors and actresses. For example, Uhm Hyun Kyung as Bong Seon Hwa, Cha Seo Won as Yoon Jae Min, Oh Seung Ah as Yoon Jae Kyung, and Hang Ki Woong as Moon Sang Hyuk.

The plot of the drama is about the revenge of Bong Seon Hwa. Bong Seo is very strong and has a nice character. Her personality was shaped through her hard childhood. Still, through her hard work and determination, she is able to work her way up. But when she finds lost her family due to someone’s desires she starts planning revenge. As you can see the drama is a yes for people who like to watch revenge dramas. In this article, we will be talking about everything from the release date of Second Husband Episode 7 to what to expect from the upcoming episode.

Second Husband Episode 7 Release Date

Second Husband episode 7 is going to be released on the 18th of August. The drama could be watched by international viewers through Rakuten Viki. Like many daily dramas, this drama also airs its episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is very comfortable for people who are busy and would like to take some rest by watching the drama. It is of only half an hour so busy people can watch the drama without wasting their time. Furthermore, this series is going to have about 120 episodes which are going to be broadcast through MBC.

Second Husband Episode 7

Seon Hwa cr: MBC

The episodes of the drama that have been released till now are just splendid. Everything from the acting to the story of the drama has been so far very interesting. So far we have learned that Seong Kang is a very evil man who uses women for his ambitions. He does not like any of the women he has a date with but wants power so he manipulates them. On the other side, his stepbrother Jae Min is a soft-hearted person who wants to follow his passion for music but cannot because of his father. We are excited to see how these characters contribute to Seong Hwa’s revenge.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

For now, we are discovering why Seon Hwa wants to take revenge on Sang Hyeok. As we had seen through the fifth episode Seon Hwa finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her for a long time now. And when she faces him he tells her that he will not be marrying her but Jae Kyung. This must have affected Seon Hwa. Plus she has already started to worry about her baby. Also, Jae Kyung is the daughter of a confectionary company owner. Also, Ka Kyeong does not know about Seon Hwa at all and truly loves Sang Hyeok. She had also proposed Sang Hyeok to which he had said yes and took her to meet his parents. In the preview, we see that Seon Hwa was heading towards the house. The audience is waiting for the moment when Jae Kyeong realizes that she is being used by Dang Hyeok.

Second Husband Episode 7

Jae Kyeong and her dad cr: MBC

From the plot synopsis of the drama, we know that Jae Min will fall in love with Seon Hwa. The audience had a good laugh at their first meeting as Seon Hwa had bet Jae Min thinking he was a pervert. But the results weren’t good because the bodyguards who were chasing Jae Min caught him and took him to his father. The audience pity Jae Min because he is just a nice guy who wants to follow his dreams but his dad doesn’t let him do so. Also, fans are curious whether Seon Hwa will fall in love with Jae Min too. Many have already started shipping them!

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