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Preview & Recap: Second Husband Episode 5

Second Husband Episode 5

MBCS’s new K-drama “Second Husband” seems to be doing great on the network. The show released its first episode on Monday. Within a week and four episodes out, the sho is doing great with the ratings. Viewers are already excited the episode 5 of the “Second Husband” as it is picking up its pace and getting interesting. The daily soap will have an episode count of 120 episodes so the viewers are in for a long run. The K-drama stars Uhm Hyun Kyung playing the role of Bong Seon Hwa. Oh Seung-ah playing the role of  Yoon Jae Kyeong. Along with Cha Seo Won playing Yoon Jae Min and Han Ki Woong playing the role of Moon Sang Hyeok.

The drama “Second Husband” is a mix of love and revenge in the family and business. But there is a twist of murder that will uncover in the future. The show opens with Seon Hwa being framed for murder and going to jail. Crying for her life and her small family, saying that she didn’t do it. Seon Hwa swears in her life that she will find the real murderer.

What Does The Drama Revolve Around?

The show is in the timeline where it all began. It goes to the flashback of Seon Hwa and Moon Sang Hyeok are dating. She is dreaming of getting married to Moon Sang Hyeok. Both of them go away for the weekend to celebrate their relationship. Fast forward to one year, Seon Hwa is pregnant and lives with her boyfriend and future in-laws. While shopping for groceries she goes into labor. A rich lady helps her reach the hospital while her husband is out at the team meeting with no news about his wife to him. As the day passes she gives birth to a boy. The couple lives together, sometimes is Seon Hwa’s grandmother and sometimes with Sang Hyeok’s mother and sister. As time passes begins having an affair with his team leader Yoon Jae Kyeong.

Second Husband Episode 5

Seon Hwa and her Mother-in-Law

On the other side, the heir to the company where Sang Hyeok works, Yoon Jae Min is trying to make a career in music. Coming from America, he hides away from his family and tries singing at clubs. But it all goes in vain. As soon as his father gets to know Jae Min is back he sends his bodyguards to catch him.

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What Happened In The Last Episode: A Recap

Episode 4 came out yesterday and it has been a light thrill watching it. Seon Hwa has now started working with an event management firm. Jae Min is almost successful in running away from the guards but he bumps in Seon Hwa. Them bumping into each other ruins the flowers Seon Hwa was taking with her for work. They run to the bathroom with guards behind them. Mistaking him for a pervert, she kicks Jae Min and calls the guards to catch him. As he is now presented to an angry father who is threatening to cut connection off from him if he doesn’t give up music. Jae Min has no choice but to pursue music in secret and focus on the company. On the other side, Seon Hwa is stuck with no money and no flowers, and an angry bose.

Second Husband Episode 5

Moon Sang Hyeok

The affair of Sang Hyeok and Yoon Jae Kyeong is still on and going strong for years. Having no idea about him already having a family and almost getting married, Jae Kyeong proposes to him. To which Sang Hyeok agrees. She also reveals that she is pregnant making it hard for Sang Hyeok to leave. Being together they have been forming a strong bond and it is getting hard to let go. Planning to leave Seon Hwa, he asks her if she can take care of their child together and leaves the house.

When Will The Episode 5 Of “Second Husband” Come Out?

As the show is a daily soap, it will release the episodes on a weekday basis. Episode 5 of the “Second Husband” will come on August 14 at its usual time. The show runs Monday to Friday on the MBC network. The new episode will pick up where it left off. Following Sang Hyeok to where he left off. Knowing his mother, she will easily let go of Seon Hwa and her son and accept her son’s new girlfriend as she comes from a rich family. We will also get more of Jae Min and Seon Hwa working together at the event.

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