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Second Husband Episode 26: Release Date & Preview

Second Husband
Second Husband

Second Husband Episode 26 is going to be released pretty soon. Second Husband Episode 26 is an ongoing South Korean daily drama that has captured the viewer’s attention. Furthermore, it has been seeing quite a success due to its enthralling plot and talented cast. The plot of the drama is based on Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa used to live a normal life with her husband Sang Hyuk and child Sae Byeok. But her life turned upside down when she found out that her loving and caring husband, Sang Hyuk had been cheating on her for a while now. Weirdly, she started to lose her family members due to the incident. Sang Hyuk had been cheating on her with his boss Jae Kyung who was the daughter of the chairman of the confectionary company Sang Hyuk had been working in.

Jae Kyung, at first did not know about Seon Hwa. But she turned a blind eye to it when she eventually found out. Furthermore, she did so because she wanted to use him as a tool t defeat her stepbrother Jae Min and become the heir of the company. Soon enough, Seon Hwa will be stirring up a plan to take revenge on those who ruined her life. Also, as mentioned earlier, the cats have been winning the hearts of the audience. The cast consists of Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Oh Seung Ah, and Han Ki Woong. They have done amazing work in portraying the emotions of their characters. Now without further ado, in this article, we will be telling you all about the release date of Second Husband Episode 26 and what to expect from the episode.

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Second Husband Episode 26 Release Date

The release date of Second Husband Episode 26 is 14 September 2021, on Tuesday. The episodes of the drama are available on Rakuen Viki. The episodes of the drama have been full of interesting backstories and characters. The characters of the drama are the perfect ingredient to the already amazing story of the drama. Seon Hwa is a perfect mother and is practically a good human being. Jae Min is also a good guy who wants to follow his passion for music. But Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk are polar opposites of these characters. They have proven countless times that they have no conscience.

Second Husband Episode 26

Second Husband cr: MBC

The episodes of the drama air Mon-Fri on 19:15 KST on MBC. The time slot first belonged to A Good Supper. Second Husband had started to release a month after the drama had ended. The drama had started t air on 9 August and plans to finish off the drama’s 120 episodes by next year on 27 January. The audience hopes that the drama keeps up the good work. Talking about the audience, there are many people in the audience who have been watching the drama religiously. To be honest, why wouldn’t they though?

What To Expect From The Episode?

After watching the preview, many people in the audience had started to wonder whether Jae Kyung’s parents will find out that Jae Kyung had a miscarriage. Jae Kyung’s stepmom had taken her to a doctor, and the doctor said that he couldn’t feel the pulse of Jae Kyung’s baby Sa Rang. And if they find out, they would want to why she was so distressed and why she was hiding about it from them? The audience knows that she was stressed as she knew she was the one behind Seon Hwa’s grandmother’s death.

Second Husband Episode 26

Jae Min cr: MBC

Other than that, the fans of the drama are starting to get excited as they see Seon Hwa and Jae Min getting close. Jae Min is trying to make up with Seon Hwa as he realizes how much she has gone through. And he had even seen how wreckless Sang Hyuk could be. Fans want him to find out more about Jae Kyung too. As they don’t want him mixing up on the wrong side. Jae Kyung could use his kindness as a tool for any of her mischievous plans, and fans surely do not want that to happen.

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