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Second Husband Episode 13: Release Date & Spoilers

The Second Husband Cast
The Second Husband Episode 10: Release Date and Spoilers

Second Husband Episode 13 is going to be released pretty soon. Second Husband is an ongoing South Korean daily drama. Moreover, the drama is being applauded for its storyline as well as the cast. The plot of the daily drama is based on someone’s revenge. That someone is Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa’s life was going pretty well until she found out that her loving boyfriend Sang Hyuk, with who she had a son, was actually cheating on her for years. It was not only the heartbreak that made her life miserable, but her family also died because of the incident. Naturally, Seon Hwa wanted to get revenge on Sang Hyuk.

As already told earlier, the drama has an amazing cast. The cast of the drama is filled with skilled actors and actresses. The cast consists of Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seon Won, Oh Seung Ah, and Han Ki Woong. The audience of the drama can not stop praising the cast for how well they understood the assignment. They are able to create the correct atmosphere and also portray the feelings of the characters perfectly. Moving on, in this article, we will be filling you in all about the release date of Second Husband Episode 13 and what to expect from the upcoming episodes of the drama.

Second Husband Episode 13 Release Date

Second Husband Episode 13 will release on 25th August 2021. International fans can watch the episodes of the drama on Rakuten Viki. The drama releases new episodes almost every day of the week, which is Monday-Friday. Busy people in the audience find it comfortable to watch as the episodes of the drama are usually half an hour, meaning they are less time-consuming.

Second Husband Episode 13

Moon Sang Hyeok cr: MBC

The drama had gained a lot of attention since the release of its first episode on 9th August. The drama is going to have a total of 120 episodes in all, and they are going to be released by next year on 21st January. Till now, the episodes of the drama tell us all about the miseries of Seon Hwa’s life and also introduces us to the lifestyle of the other characters. The audience gets to sympathize with Seon Hwa, and they realize how bad of a person Sang Hyuk is. He literally left Seon Hwa and his baby for money. Even his mother does not stop him from doing wrong stuff as she herself is a money-hungry person. Also, the only person who might have a conscience in his family is his sister, as she said that he would have to face his wrongdoings.

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

The audience had been waiting for more of Jae Min and Seon Hwa for so long, and they finally got it. Although their meeting was far from pleasant, they will at least see how wrong they were about each other. From the preview, we see that Jae Min and Seon Hwa will be meeting each other again. As the audience already knows, Jae Min had started working for the cafe that Seon Hwa frequents. There they might have coincidentally met. Fans want to know how their hatred toward each other will turn to affection for each other. But their relationship won’t be possible if Jae Min accepts to engage with a wealthy family. This will become a problem when they start liking each other.

Second Husband Episode 13

Seon Hwa cr: Mbc

Furthermore, fans suspect that Seon Hwa’s grandmother Gob Bun will find out that Sang Hyuk had betrayed Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa had been hiding the truth from her grandmother because she thought her grandmother is very old, and the truth will affect her badly. But things seem to not go as Seon Hwa wants. As she and her grandmother go to the hospital with Sae Byeok, she hears Sang hyuk’s voice. Sang Hyuk was present there as Jae Kyung looked like she was going to give birth to their child. Will all of this lead to Seon Hwa wanting revenge? Well, don’t forget to tune in to find the answers to your queries.

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