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Second Husband Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Second Husband Episode 26
Second Husband Poster cr: MBC

Second Husband Episode 11 is going to come out very soon. Second Husband is an ongoing South Koren daily TV series. The drama has everything from an enthralling plot and interesting characters to an amazing cast. Moreover, the storyline of this daily drama is based on the revenge of a woman named Seon Hwa. She had gone through a tough childhood and is now owns a humble bakery. She used to think that her longtime boyfriend Sang Hyuk loved her a lot but little did she know he had been cheating on her for years. To make matters worse her’s and Sang Hyuk’s child dies and she even gets framed for the murder of her child.

Besides the exciting plot, the drama’s cast consists of a lot of talented and skilled actors and actresses. The cast of the drama consists of Uhm Hyun Kyung, Chae Seo Won, Oh Seung Ah, and Han Ki Woong. They have done an excellent job so far in portraying the emotions of their characters. Furthermore, in this article, we will be filling you in all about the release date of Second Husband  Episode 11 release date and what to expect from the upcoming episode.

Second Husband Episode 11 Release Date

The release date of  Episode 11 of the drama is the 23rd of August, Monday. International viers can watch the episodes of the drama on Rakuten Viki. The drama like most daily dramas releases new episodes Monday- Friday. Busy people find this drama enjoyable because its story does not seem to drag you but makes you excited for what’s going to come. Due to all of the above reasons the drama had seen quite popular since it aired its first episode on the 9th of August. And the broadcasting channel of this drama, i.e, MBC plans to finish airing all of its episodes by the 21st of January next year.

Second Husband Episode 11

Seon Hwa cr: MBC

There are going to be a total of 120 episodes in the drama.  So far the episodes of the drama tell us about why Seon Hwa wants to take revenge and who she wants to take revenge on. The audience is gradually going through the struggles she had faced because of her boyfriend Sang Hyuk. The drama also shows how the main characters meet and how good or bad the acquaintance is. Fans are excited to know what will happen in the upcoming episodes and are curious to know what is in store for the characters.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

Many people in the audience of the drama think that the moment where Seon Hwa wants to take revenge is coming close. Although many think it is obvious that Seon Hwa would be taking revenge on the thoughtless and evil Sang Hyuk some also think that Seon Hwa will be targeting to take revenge on Jae-Kyung too. Why do people think that the moment of her being taken over by revenge is coming soon? Besides Sang Hyuk Seon Hwa cared for her child a lot. As any mom would she used to think that the child is her whole world. So basically her whole world had shattered when the child died. Many people think that Sang Hyuk’s stepbrother Jae Min would be helping Seon Hwa take revenge one way or the other.

Second Husband Episode 11

Moon Sang Hyeok cr: MBC

From the plot synopsis, it has been made clear that Jae Min would fall in love with Seon Hwa. The audience of the drama has already revived their first interaction. So the audience is expecting more interactions between Seon Hwa and Jae Min. Plus Jae Min will be a better match for Seon Hwa as he is a very innocent and kind person. He is very passionate about music. Also, he goes far as taking risks to practice troat music. And he would never cheat Seon Hwa as Sang Hyuk had cheated on Seon Hwa. Even though Sang Hyuk and Seon Hwa were childhood friends who turned into lovers and seemed to be the perfect couple, Sang Hyuk’s love for her couldn’t be more fake. Overall, Sang Hyuk is a very idiotic guy who uses women to get what he wants. Many can’t wait for his fall!

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