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Sebastian Stan Cancelled on Twitter, Why is The Actor in Trouble?

Sebastian Stan cancelled on Twitter
Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan canceled on Twitter has been trending for more than a week now. But why do people want to cancel Sebastian Stan from Twitter? What has the Romainon actor has done to be hated by the world and to be canceled on Twitter. So, to start with 38 years old actor Sebastian Stan who is famous for his work as Carter Baizen in Gossip Girls, Bucky Barner the Captain America’s Side Kick.

He recently appeared in a movie named Monday, where he played the role of Mickey. The movie was a masterpiece but unfortunately couldn’t do well at the box office. In 2021 Stan signed a show with Lily James. The series would be released on Hulu. He carries a good reputation that presides over him. But in recent years he has been indulging in race-based controversy. It seems like Sebastian is making the wrong choice or it’s just people judging him too hard.

He is a graduate of sociology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick in 2005. He was considered a well-mannered gentleman from overseas until he found himself stuck in a Tweeter controversy.

Sebastian Stan cancelled on Twitter

Sebastian Stan Cancelled On Twitter For Supporting Racism. (Credits: The Sun)

Why Is Sebastian Stan Cancelled On Twitter?

Recently Sebastian Stan found himself stuck in a Twitter controversy. People want Sebastian Stan canceled on Twitter because he liked a video of Shane Powers on Instagram. Shane used the “N” word in the video during the radio interview in 2017. There is no doubt that Shane Powers is a racist, and he is very proud to be a racist. He is a very heavy smoker, and he has the nature to insult everyone with his sarcastic disguise. And as soon as fans saw Sebastian’s like on Shane’s racist video. They accused Sebastian Stan of being a racist.

Some people even said he supports Shane Powers and Sebastian just behind his gentleman’s face to hide that a racist he actually is. Sebastian unliked the video he liked, but it was too late. In the wave of Black Lives Matter, Sebastian’s ship has sunk deep down. People have already come to the conclusion that he is a racist and started shaming him. People started tweeting that Sebastian Stan should be banished from Twitter. The rage increased so quickly that Sebastian didn’t even get the time to react or to make a public announcement about the same.

Sebastian Stan The Racist Of The Year

Sebastian Stan is declared the racist of the year. The rage was so triggering that Sebastian had to break his silence. He said that he never intended to promote any racist agenda or activity. He said he is not going to explain his Instagram activities because it’s his personal life, and no one gets to intrude in his personal life. Sebastian also said that people feel so empowered sitting behind their keyboards, and they say every possible thing they can say.

He recently mentioned in his Tweet that It’s not an argument people are considering. He added to his statement that he gets it people are offended, and he is not taking it away from them. Sebastian said that there must be another way to go along with the things. Canceling someone is not a good idea. He said canceling should be used when someone’s life is at stake. He requested people and fans to find some other way around.

This Is Not Sebastian’s First Twitter Scandal…He Was Caught In A Tweeter Controversy Even Before With His Girlfriend

This is not the first time Sebastian Stan is caught in the Twitter scandal. Sebastian was criticized earlier as her girlfriend, Alejandra Onieva, posted something on a culturally inappropriate tweet. Twitter users asked to cancel Alejandra too. As her action showed her culture to be superior. And she was trying to portray other’s culture as inferior. On which Sebastian supported her by blocking his fans from his Twitter account, for which Sebastian was targeted too.

Sebastian Stan Speak Up About Trolls

Sebastian Stan said in one of his interviews that handling trolls is the most difficult part of a celebrity life. He said people think they are very powerful behind a keyboard, and they are. So why don’t they productively use their power? He said every action of a celebrity had been observed like a terrorist, and whenever a celebrity does something like that or very casually take things. The next thing you know, you are being cancelled.

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Sebastian Stan canceled on Twitter has been trending for more than a week now. But why do people want to cancel Sebastian Stan from...


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