Sean Schemmel Talks About The Future Dragon Ball Movies

Hey guys. There are not many things that the Dragon Ball fans would want to forget but there is actually one thing that most of the Dragon Ball fans would want to forget and that is the Dragon Ball movie.

Hollywood gave Akira Toriyama’s franchise a live-action adaptation and it wasn’t so long ago. The film proved how much difference there is between anime and Hollywood. However, Sean Schemmel still has some hope that things can change. In an interview with Comicbook, Sean revealed he wants to be a part the next live-action adaptation of the series. Sean appearance at the Comic-Con New York Comic Con.

Sean is best known for voicing Gokū in English in the Dragon Ball film. During his interview, Sean admitted that he would like to be a part of any upcoming live action adaption. “I always thought if I had to play Goku in live-action, how would I do it without looking like this the whole time. If I could do it, I’d have to work out for like ten years, and I’m probably too old to play him now,” he said. “King Kai I could play though,” Schemmel said. “They could put me in a suit, and I’m good to go. Put me in a big King Kai suit? I’d love that.”
However, after the huge letdown that was Dragon Ball Evolution, it looks highly unlikely that Hollywood would be making another live-action movie about the Dragon Ball franchise. Toriyama wsn’t the least bit impressed with the work on Dragon Ball Evolution. It turned out to be a trigger to allow Toriyama to come out of retirement and act as the overseer of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Dragon Ball’s last two films were birthed because of Toriyama’s disgruntled reaction, and Dragon Ball Super is considered a byproduct of it as well. It remains a big question whether Hollywood would be brave enough to attempt making a live action movie about the Dragon Ball franchise. They aren’t on Toriyama’s good side but let’s see if they really do the unthinkable.
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The Biggest Plot Twist In The Tournament of Power!

Dragon Ball Super is currently in the Universe Survival Saga, where multiple Universes are fighting to for their own survival. 8 Universes, who had a low mortal level took part in the Tournament of Power, and only 6 remain now. With 17 minutes left, more than half of the Tournament is already over, and most of the fodder fighters have already been eliminated.

A few do remain, but they won’t last long because the Tournament will last for about 15 more episodes and that will be it. Right now, you could say that Universe 11 is the one that is likeliest to win, because of Jiren. He’s a total monster, and there’s nobody who can take him down as of now.

Before I continue, I wanna let you all know that this post will contain spoilers for Episode 117 and 118 of Dragon Ball Super, and maybe even further. Please continue at your own risk. If you’ve read the spoilers for the upcoming episodes, you should know that Universe 6 is on the brink of elimination, as they’ve lost Kafla, and Saonel and Pirina might be defeated by Gohan and Piccolo.

Piccolo hasn’t really been an important character in Super right now, but with the two Namekians from Universe 6 being introduced, you could see that there’s going to be something in it for Piccolo. Right now, Piccolo and Gohan have already engaged them in battle, and we haven’t seen much of that fight yet. Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super focuses on this very fight, and we might be in for a huge plot twist there.

As we know, Piccolo already has fused with 2 Namekians. That’s 3 Namekians in one body. He has Nail, Kami, and himself. Now, I know Saonel and Pirina are strong, but who are we kidding? They won’t win the Tournament of Power. They’re definitely going to lose. But, why leave them there for so long, if they aren’t strong?

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