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Sean Kingston Net Worth: How Much is The Famous Singer & Rapper Worth?

Sean Kingston Net Worth
Sean Kingston Net Worth

We all know the notable rapper of America and Jamaica who is also a songwriter and a record producer named Sean Kingston. Being passionate about singing and rapping, he started his career at a very early age. But unlike any rapper, he also struggled and rose to the limelight. He rose to the mainstream limelight with the popular album named Sean Kingston. The album was released in 2007. In most of his songs, if we hear them, we can feel the hard lyrics which mainly describe the problems that he faced in childhood as well as his homelessness. Being one of the most successful singers he earned the opportunity to be able to share the stage with the popular rapper Pitbull. Not only that, but he also shared the stage with other renowned rappers namely Trick Daddy, Ludacris, and Kingston. Apart from that, with his skills of singing, not only did he impressed the audience but also made his way to get his song produced by the popular production unit named Jonathan Rotem.

Under the production unit or JR, rapper Kingston released one of his popular record albums named Beluga Heights. Followed by the success of that, he released another of his popular singles named Beautiful Girls. The song resulted in huge hits. After some time, that is in 2009, he released another of his popular albums named Tomorrow. The album contained many popular songs some of them notably is My Girlfriend, Face Drop, Fire Burning. Followed by the success of that song, he signed a collaboration contract with the popular rapper Nicki Minaj. Together they made one of his most popular songs. Gradually with time, he kept on impressing the audience and kept on earning more and more awards and nominations for his magnificent works.

Childhood and education

Sean Kingston Net Worth

Young Sean Kingston

Born on the 3rd of February in 1990 in the beautiful city of Miami which is in Florida in the United States, was Kisan Anderson. Becoming successful, he changed his name to Sean Kingston. He was born in a family of a single mother named Janice Turner. Apart from himself, he also had three younger siblings. By the time, he turned 6, he along with his mother and his family moved to another place named Kingston which is in Jamaica. Moving there, he was enrolled in the Ocho Rios High School. Studying there for three years, he shifted back to his grandfather’s place, which is in the United States.  He grew his passion for music from his grandfather. His grandfather was also a renowned producer of his time. He was popular with his stage name Jack Ruby.


Sean Kingston Net Worth

Sean Kingston with Niki Minaj

Being passionate about the music, he started taking small steps. Soon enough, he earned the opportunity to be a part of the show named MySpace. After participating in the show his career took an unexpected turn when his talent was discovered by Tommy Rotem. Soon enough, he earned the opportunity to produce one of his popular albums named Beluga Heights. He signed the contract with the popular producing unit named Sony. Being such a talented actor, he was remembered by the owner of the production unit named JR Rotem as someone who is not only a raw singer but also has a melodious voice.

After some time, in the month of May in 2007, he made another of his popular single. The name of his single was Beautiful Girls. Being such a good song, the music earned a huge amount as well as made a huge international hit. Not only that, but his songs also made their way to the list of the music charts. Apart from that, the song topped the music charts of many countries namely in Australia, Canada, Spain, The United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland as well as in New Zealand. The song also made its way to the list of the Billboard Hot 100. Not only did the song made its way to the list but also topped the list. Apart from that, the song held the top position on the UK Singles Chart for a period of four weeks.

With this, his career went on and always remained on the positive side of the graph. In the month of March 2015, he declared via his social media handles that he will be seen working and producing songs with the renowned record producer named RedOne. Within a few months, he released another of his singles named Wait Up. Followed by the success of his previous singles, in the very next year, that is in 2016, he released another of his music video named One Away. Not only that, but he also released another of his popular video named All I Got. After some time, in the month of March in 2017, he declared about another of his mixtape titled Made in Jamaica.

Net Worth and Earnings

Sean Kingston Net Worth

As of today, Jean Kingston has a net worth of somewhere around $2million. Being such a talented rapper as well as a record producer and a songwriter is Sean Kingston. His sole earning source is his albums that become huge hits not only as a musician but also earns huge amount commercially. For instance, his popular album named Tomorrow had somewhere around 13,000 copies sold in the first week itself which further earned an amount of somewhere around $15,000. Apart from that, his record albums which were released in 2007, earned a huge revenue of somewhere around $1,135,00. Some of his recorded net worth in the past few years can be mentioned as in 2016, his net worth was $70.1k. But for some reason or the other in the following year, his net worth decreased to $51.2k. With this, his net worth kept on increasing and decreasing.

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