Se7en Ending Explained: What’s In The Box? What Is The Message of The Movie?

Se7en Ending Explained: What is the box? What's the message behind this story?

The popular 90’s neo-noir is known for its contextual storyline and amazing acting. Starring big names like Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and Gweneth Paltrow, Se7en is one of the classics. Although the premise is simple, the ending of Se7en is subjective to be explained. The interpretation can go many ways, and I’ll discuss some of them in the article. But before that, you should know what Se7en is all about.

A psychological thriller with a religious blend! Two detectives investigate a series of brutal murders. But everything doesn’t go as to their plans, and the threats loom over their lives too. The hot-blooded detective Mills (Brad Pitt) and the calm Leuitanent Somerset (Morgan Freeman) form a camaraderie as the movie progresses.

The film became famous for its dialogues like ‘What’s in the box?’ and Morgan Freeman quoting Hemingway at the end of the film. Director David Fincher blew it out of the park as this film became the 7th highest-grossing film that year. Se7en is a classic movie that fans still watch and love!

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What is The Story of Se7en?

The movie follows two detectives, William Somerset and David Mills, chasing after a serial killer called John Doe. Both Somerset and Mills are great detectives but have a different approaches. On one hand, Somerset is calm & brooding, and on the other, Mills is aggressive. Despite the obvious clashes, the two somehow work together on a case.

Now, the serial killer they are chasing seems like no ordinary one. He is decapitating and tortures people to death in the most brutal way. When Somerset and Mills find the first victim, they are taken aback. But both of them delve deeper into figuring out who he was.

Se7en Ending Explained
Detectives William Somerset and David Mills.

The murders were not simply about killing but killing the Sins the victims represent. The first victim was an Obese man who was force-fed for 12 hours straight. As a result, his stomach bursts open & kills him, representing the Sin of Gluttony. It is followed by the murder of a criminal attorney who represents the Sin of Greed.

A drug dealer and child abuser whom John brutally tortures for days represent Sloth for the Sin. The killer goes ahead and mutilates a model’s face and rapes a prostitute to death using a blade. And that ends up killing the sins of Pride and Lust, respectively. Now with only two Sins – Envy and Wrath left, what could the ending of Se7en be? Let’s find out!

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Se7en Movie Ending Explained

The detectives’ hunt finally ends when the killer surrenders himself. But there’s more here than meets the eye! The serial killer agrees to confess on one condition, which is for Somerset and Mills to go to the burial ground of the last two victims. But that’s only what he says the truth is and not the real truth.

Se7en Ending Explained
Somerset with Mills and his wife, Tracy.

The last two victims were a huge shock to the audience. What’s in the Box? a famous phrase from the movie reveals in the end. The box actually has Mills’ wife’s decapitated head in it! proving that the killer could go to any extent. The Sin of Envy is the killer himself since he is envious of Mills’ perfect life. And he brutally kills Mills’ wife out of jealousy, making the latter furious.

Se7en Ending Explained
A Scene from the Ending of Se7en

Now, a distraught and heartbroken Mills wants to kill John Doe. But that way, the former will be the last Sin of wrath, and the latter’s mission will deem successful. Despite Somerset’s resistance, Mills shoots the guy dead as he should have. Although Mills is taken under custody after the murder, Sommerset will ‘be around to take care of him.

What is The Ending Message of The Movie

The movie ends with Earnest Hemingway’s famous line, “The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.” This is from the perspective of Somerset, implying that he’ll continue fighting for justice. Even though John Doe wins in the end, it’s not the end of humanity.

Also, John Doe does not have the tiniest bit of regret for his actions. Since he claims that those actions were demanded by a higher power. The movie’s message could also be about the inevitable consequence of people with no morals. Whether you are too greedy or too lazy, karma will get you.

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