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Preview & Recap: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20

SD Gundam World Heroes
SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 is around the corner after the anime’s latest episode has been released. Liu Bei continues to conquer the world using heroism with other Heroes who believe in spreading good deeds across the globe. The bandits captured Baijie, Sha Wujing, and their master, and Baijie wonders what would happen to them. Their master told them not to worry, but they can stay alive no matter what happens. The bandits felt insulted by what the master has said and decided to cut his head. Suddenly Wukong arrives and blasts those guys away.

The bandits restraining Baijie and Wajing ask who the hell is that guy. Wukong replied that he is …, and Baije stole his lines and said the hero is Wukong. Wukong scolds Biaije for stealing his line since he was about to hit the bandits with a fantastic introduction. The master thanks Wukong for saving them and told him to smash the remaining bandits. Wukong apologizes for breaking the wall instead of the door and said he would fix the wall later. The bandits remind Wukong that he got outnumbered and they will beat him.

The episode title is ”Wukong’s Memories.” He told the two that he is the magnificent Qi Tian Da Shen Wukong and their opponent. They both exchange blows, and Wukong wakes up and realizes that he was dreaming. Liu Bei heads out with him, and Wukong told Lui Bei that he remembers everything. Zhuge asks him to say to them, but Wukong rampages. Wukong suppressed his anger and said that he remembers that he is an awful person. Liu Bei comments that no matter what has happened in Wukong’s, he is still his friend.

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Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 19

Liu Bei reminds Wukong of how they traveled together, and he knows that Wukong is not a bad guy. Liu Bei adds that Wukong is his beloved friend. Wukong’s evil powers awakened, and darkness consumes his body. He blasts everything around him, and his powers begin to control him. Liu Bei realizes that he knows that form of Wukong, and they begin to fight. The two are defending while telling Wukomg to stop. Wukong said to them that he would eliminate them.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

The battle went to the nearby village, and the villagers run away. Zhuge told Wukong that they could talk about his past, and they both agree. Wukong wanted to become stronger, and the scientist took him to the lab to modify him. During the experiment, the scientist said that this is Wukong Impulse Gundam who caused trouble everywhere. One of them said that he was out of control when they captured him, and it took 100 men to capture Wukong.

The head scientist thinks that it is not safe to keep Wukong inside the lab. Wukong is trying to break the chains to escape. Master Sanzang arrived and told the guys to teach Wukong to control his powers. They begin to train Wukong with Baije and Wajing. During the battle, the city got destroyed, and only Wukong was left alive. Wukong got framed that he is the one who killed everyone, and the police chase after him. Back to the present,Β  Wukong wanted to kill the two, but he withdraws his attacks and realizes that he has learned to control his powers.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 will be released on Thursday, 19 August 2021, at 7:00 PM. This anime has taken a Thursday weekly schedule and releases a new episode. SD Gundam World Heroes has infinity episodes, and new episodes will be available weekly. Take a look at the SD Gundam World Heroes preview below.

Where To Watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20?

You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 20 online on Crunchyroll and Funimation. SD Gundam World Heroes airs on various official platforms; SD Gundam World Heroes is available on the official website and Twitter with English subtitles. We will be looking at the upcoming episode of anime next time.

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