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Preview & Recap: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 19

SD Gundam World Heroes

Lui Bei and his crew visited Arthur’s Kingdom seeking for Haro to save the world. King Arthur decided to hand his Haro over to them. But Robinhood didn’t get the point behind that story. Merlin showed his true colors, and he got revealed to be Sim Yi, who wanted to tell all the Haros around the world, but the Hero party sends him away. In the evening, Cleopatra had a nightmare and waked up when Lord Caesar arrives. Caesar wonders if Cleopatra is okay since he has heard a noise. He asks her if she had that dream again. Let’s look at the latest episode of SD Gundam World Heroes below.

Cleopatra told Lord Caesar that she had the same dream where something vicious and scary tried to possess her. She wonders if it was a dream or reality and told Caesar. Lord Caesar told Cleopatra not to worry since he will take away all of her troubles and protect her. The episode title is ”Proud Swordsmith.” Sasuke and Cao Cao traveled to the volcano mounting thinking that they will find Swordsmith there. Cao Cao comments that Swordsmith Yi is the man who can make a Legendary Katana that outdoes Nobunga’s Heshikri-Hasebe.

Sasuke agrees and said that Engoku Island is where the Legendary Swordsmith lives. The two arrive at the island, and Cao Cao comments that the whole island is a massive volcano. Sasuke replies that is how Swordsmith hets the fine metal he needs to make Katana. Cao Cao adds that he learned that many Swordsmiths and merchants live on this island pursuing fine metal. He wonders what this Legendary Swordsmith look is. Sasuke reveals that Legendary Swordsmith is the one who made Heshikiri-Hasebe’s Katana. If there is only one who can make Katan that surpasses it is Legendary Swordsmith.

Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18

Sasuke also said that people dislike Legendary Swordsmith, and he makes Katana for people that he likes. But Sasuke has never met Swordsmith in person. Cao Cao realizes that he doesn’t have much confidence in his skills and wonder if he will be on the list that Legendary Swordsmith likes. Sasuke comments that it is true that Cao Cao might be bit cold somites. But he will handle Legendary Swordsmith. The two talked about the time when Sasuke used to work in the castle. Later they arrived in the village after walking through the forest.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

Cao Cao realizes that they have walked a long distance without meeting anyone. Sasuke replied that he is thinking about the same since he has heard that Engoku Island should be a more lively place. Cao Cao believes something is not good and told Sasuke that they must hurry up. They both begin to run and find that the village houses got burned, and Sasuke wonders if there was a fire. Cao Cao thinks a volcano eruption causes the incident. The two find a robotic human with a significant cut on his back and realize they know a slash like this.

Sasuke comments that it is Lord Nobunaga’s Katana that cuts those men. Cao Cao realizes that Lord Nobunaga was her on this island. But the trace of fires shows that the incident happened when the two were on their way here. Sasuke wonders why Lord Nobunaga destroyed this town. Cao Cao replies that Nobunaga did this to prevent them from getting a Katana that surpass Hishikiri-Hasebe. Sasuke wonders if Nobunaga killed all the people on the island. The two battle with Hasebe and Nobunaga after traveling. Cleopatra got passed by evil powers and sent an army to war.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 19 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 19 release date is Thursday, 12 August 2021 at 7:00 PM. The anime will continue Thursday releases with a new episode; SD Gundam World Heroes is anime with infinity episodes and has not reached its peak. Take a look at the official preview of the SD Gundam World Heroes below.

Where To Watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 19?

You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 19 online on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The name: SD Gundam World Heroes is also available on other different official platforms. SD Gundam World Heroes has an official website and Twitter; SD Gundam World Heroes is available with English subtitles. Let’s meet after the release of the latest episode of SD Gundam World Heroes. You can also look at Spoilers & Preview: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18.

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