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Spoilers & Preview: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18

SD Gundam World Heroes

The young Hero Lui Bei, who has Haro in his position, uses Haro for good deeds. One day Master Cao Cao challenged the young Hero in a duel since he refuses to serve him. Cao Cao offers a deal to Liu Bei to work on justice. But Liu refuses after realizes that Master Cao Cao wants to misuse his powers and Haro’s powers. Let’s find more about the young Hero on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18. Master Cao Cao reminds Liu Bei about the powers he possesses, and if they work together, it will bring good.

Liu Bei refused to ally with Cao Cao and said he serves the world and brings justice to the world without ruling over anyone’s life. Cao Cao realizes that he was not expecting Liu Bei to reject him and turns into a powerful gigantic robot. The duel between Master Cao Cao’s men and the Heroes begins. The Knights battle with the Pirate Crew, and one of them takes down the pirate guy and apologizes that he is serving his Master. They thought that the victory is in their hands until a massive strike blasts them.

One of Cao Cao’s men look at the distance and notice that its the Dragon Watch of Shu Area. They believe that the Dragon Watch of Shu Area has allied with the young Hero Liu Bei. Cao Cao begins to punish Liu Bei using his gigantic robot form. He begins to dominate Liu Bei, and Liu Bei’s men think they should join the fight. Lui Bei told the two to support him as they will buy him time to get Haro back. They begin to exchange powerful strikes with Cao Cao, who is using a blade to counterattack them.

Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17

Liu Bei unleashes Soengeki-Ryuha to block Cao Cao might blow. Master Cao Cao blocks Soengeki Ryuha with Tembu Ho-ohdaizhazan, cuts through Liu Bei’s strikes, and sends him flying. The Heroes realizes that Liu Bei needs Haro’s powers and decided to toss Haroi to Liu Bei. But the Pirate gang blocked their path and told the Hero party that they wouldn’t pass them. Fortunately,  Zhao Yun landed on the ground riding a bike and tells the Heroes to give him Haro since he is confident that he will advance.

The Hero party is surprised to see that Zhao Yun is alive since, in the last battle, he turned himself into a time bomb and explode with the villains. After a massive explosion, Zhao Yun landed in the valley, and the fisher family saved his life. The Heroes got separated from Zhao, and they find black ashes making them conclude that Zhao is dead. Zhao reunites with Liu Bei and gives Haro. Liu Bei pacts with Haro and uses Chozetu Shigoku Songeki Ryuha to defeat Master Cao Co.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

A Knight’s Honor

Cao Cao accepted the defeat, and the Hero party celebrates their victory. Robinhood, Merlin, and His Majesty Atheurth saw the Heroes approaching their city. Robinhood told his Majesty that they are coming again. Arthur told Robinhood to relax since he wanted to confront them. Robinhood wonders why King Arthur is stopping him, and the King replies that he is interested in Liu Bei. Merlin told Robinhood to stop complaining and listen to King’s orders.

Merlin reminds Robin not to try and go against the King, and Robin replies that he will behave. Arthur comments that Liu Bei is a foreign warrior who possesses the power of Haro. He wants to know what kind of man is Liu Bei. The hero party arrives at the gate, and Lui Bei asks Wukong and Zhuge why they seem scared. Wukong replies that he is thinking about the incident that happened with Sima Yi.

The trio didn’t expect Sima Yi to be in this country, and they wonder what he is up to this time. Liu Bei told the two not to worry since they first want to see King Arthur. They realize that King Arthur is the man who everyone in different countries admires him and he is a great knight. The trio hopes that Arthur will give them Haro for free. They enter the building and convince Arthur to provide them with his Haro, and Arthur agrees to help the Hero party. But Merlin revealed to be Sima Yi and decided to battle the Heros and the King.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18 release date is Thursday, 5 August 2021 at 7:00 PM. The anime will continue with its weekly release every Thursday with the release of a new episode. SD Gundam World Heroes is one of those names with infinity episodes meaning that ita far from releasing its episode finale. Let’s look at where to watch the lates episodes and the previous SD Gundam World Heroes episodes below. Take a look at the preview of the anime below.

Where To SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18?

You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 18 online on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The show is also available on other different official platforms. The anime is also available on its official website and Twitter. Let’s meet after the realizes of the latest episode. You can also look at Spoilers & Preview: TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 5.

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