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SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 16: Release Date & Recap

SD Gundam World of Heroes

Master Cao Cao and Liu Bei have defeated their arch-nemesis and completed their mission. The war between the heroes and the other heroes who want to rule the world using the power of Haro is now over with the victors of Liu Bei and Master Cao Cao. Let’s find the aftermath of the battle on SD Gundam World Heroes. The episode begins with the heroes saying that the war is over. They thank Liu Bei for helping them save the world using the power of Haro. Liu Bei told the heroes that he was not fighting alone and he was also fighting for himself.

The trio fist pump symbolizes victory, and Old Man Sun Jian arrives, congratulating the boys that they did a good job. Sun Jian asks the boys if they are going somewhere and tell them to stay on his boat for time if they like. The boys wonder if they have plans, and Sun Jian told them to think if they want to do something next. They ask Liu Bei what he wants to do next, and the young hero has no plan for the future. Liu Bei replies that he wants to become more assertive since he has learned something from the battle.

Liu Bei told Sun Jian that he was not more robust enough and he wants to be stronger. He talked about his post as the leader of Dragon’s Watch. Liu Bei reveals that he wants all the heroes to teach him something, and Sun Jian can take him on his ship to train with him and the other heroes. Sun Jian is glad that the boys are joining him, and they decided to set on a journey.

Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 15

The episode is titled ”Twisted Justice.” Liu Bei is surprised to see Zhuge Liang standing as they enter the ship. Zhuge Liang told Liu Bei that he would head to Shu Area and also visit the lab. Liu Bei hand over the Haro to Zhuge, asking him to say to Huang Zhong to fix Haro. Zhuge took the Haro, and Sun Jian comments that they will escort Zhuge back to the Shu Area. They both travel and leave Lui Bei since they will first accompany Zhuge and come back for him.

Later Zhuge arrives at the cave and recalls the time he met Mater Zhang Jue. Master Zhang Jue is glad that Zhuge has come to visit him. Zhuge asks the Mater about the changes on earth. Zhang Jue told Zhuge that he was doing research on Trinity substitution and went overboard with its efficiency. He fell into forbidden research; as a result, the Etiolation Trinity gets created. Zhuge wonders why Master has become like a monster robot.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

Mater Zhang Jue

Master Zhang Jue told Zhuge that Karma should have stopped the research and disposed of the Trinity. Sima Yi was also there, but he decided to take full responsibility. Zhuge told his Master that he will save him now, and Zhang Jue told him to stop. Zhang reveals that it is what the country and people want and should never go against their conscience. They remember the field trip they went to together.

Master Zhang Jue said that he has no time left and Zhuge must listen to his last wish. Zhuge realizes that Sima Yi was right and wonders where Sima is now. In the evening, Huang Zhong fixed Haro and told Haro that he wants him to see Liu Bei soon. The two enjoy spending time together while a strange guy arives at the graveyard yard and steals two swords of a dead hero in front of the grave, honoring the dead hero.

At Cao Cao’s base, Master Cao Cao talked with his men about Trinity and that there is no room for hesitation. They spoke about sparing the number of chosen people and turn those who are not needed into Bugs and take away their will. Master Cao Cao comments that Bugs don’t need Trinity. He thinks that he is doing the best way to protect the country. Later, Lui Bei finds the truth behind Master Cao Cao and decided to battle him. Lui Bei told Cao Cao that he wouldn’t let him have his way.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 16 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 16 release date is 22 July 2021. SD Gundam World Heroes is available online on Crunchyroll and Funimation; you can look at Preview & Recap: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 15.

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