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Preview & Recap: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 15

SD Gundam World Heroes

The battle has begun with Master Cao Cao and his man charging at the army that they have invaded their base. Cao Cao told his men to kill the small fry while Liu Bei and his hero team fight on the other side. The knights praise Liu Bei that he is high spirit. SD Gundam World Heroes has entered the great war for the Haro. One of the knights that he doesn’t know that warriors, but he is talented at such a young age. The heroes realize that Liu Bei and Master Cao Cao’s personalities are different.

After killing all the weaklings, Cao Cao dodges a massive chained boulder and realizes a new powerful enemy has appeared. His men make a path for him by shooting the beast as he advances. Liu Bei and Cao Cao managed to move forward, and the rest of the Heroes fight with the remaining enemies. The episode title is ”Shikoku’s stratagem.” Cao Cao and Liu Bei arrive in another room and face the final boss that knows Liu Bei well. The guy comments that he enjoys fighting with Cao Cao and Liu Bei realizes that they face Lyu Bu.

Cao Cao told Liu Bei to stand back and watches as he fights. The two clashed their sword and began to exchange blows. Lyu Bu told Cao Cao to entertain him more, and Liu Bei observes the two swings and misses. Cao Cao landed a mighty blow that backfires, and he got pinned with the wall. Lyu Bu points his sword at Cao Cao’s face signaling him to surrender. Liu Bei blocks the final slash since Cao Cao didn’t want to surrender. Liu Bei manages to push Lyu Bu, who notices that he is hurt.

Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 14

Lyu Bu asks who this kid is, and Liu Bei replies that he is not a kid but a Unicorn Gundam. Liu Bei told Cao Cao that they might be facing a powerful enemy, but they have to defeat him together. Cao Cao agrees and told Liu Bei not to let his guard down. Meanwhile, the twin sisters arrived at Diao Chan’s castle, who said she wouldn’t let them pass. One of the sisters comments that she is saying that they will die.

Diao Chan said that she is working with Sir Lyu, the genius of battle. The sisters reply that Sir Zhou is a better genius. Xia Qiao begins to scold Dao Chan for praising Lyu Bu and said people call Sir Zhou the brains of Red Tiger. Xia Qiao also said Lyu Bu is intelligent, handsome, and has talent in music. Dao Chan replies that Lyu Bu read Zhou Yu’s strategy, and they know all about their plans which means Lyu Bu is the better genius.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

Successful Operation

Xia gets furious and decided to settle scores with Dao Chan on one-on-one combat. But her sister holds her back, and the two continue to praise their master. Xia got defeated and began to lose her powers along with her sister. Dan Chao reveals that she blow poison to the big sister since she talks too much. When Dan Chao is about to kill the second sister Mr. Wuss arrives and shoots her blade away.

Dan Chao realizes that it is the famous Mr. Wuss while another army arrived at the nearby room looking for Dong Zhou and finds that he has escaped using a rope. They discover about the secret passed and trapped inside a room full of a time bomb. Inside the secret passage, Dong Zhou laughs that the fool fell inside his trap and said they would search for him until the cows come home.

Zhou is glad that the moment he pressed the remote, those guys will blow sky-high, but he forgets that he is taking time to press the button. Suddenly he heard a voice talking about a secret passage and wonders who is at the hideout entrance. Two men who used to work in Luoyang and said, Dong Zhuo journey ends here. Zhou realizes that the two abandoned Luoyang and ran away. They are both involved in a three-way battle after Zhou transforms. Liu Bei and Cao Cao manages to defeat Lyu Bu and realizes that the operation is successful.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 15 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 15 release date is 15 July 2021. SD Gundam World Heroes is available online on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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