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Spoilers: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 12

SD Gundam World Heroes

The world Heroes continue with the quest to save the world. They are collecting an item named ”Haro” that can save the world and destroy the world. They are afraid that if the ”Haro” falls into the villains’ hands, the world will be doom. Wukong, Lui Bei, Baiye, and Aye set out on a jouner traveling in different worlds to collect the ”Haro.” SD Gundam World Heroes continues after the Heroes met with Master Arsene. The episode begins with the cops talking with the captain about the cultural property section.

The captain replies that Wukong and his team are fools since they flee into a place with no entrance. The cops decided to take down Phantom Thief X, but a huge giant appears. They are surprised to see the giant holding Wukong and the Heroes. The captain realizes that this giant is the guard of the bayside area. Phantom Thief X begins to float and mocks captain Verde Buster as he tries to escape. Buster told Phantom Thief X that he is not getting out of here.

Phantom Thief X replies that his baby is tired of this house, and they are going out to see the night sky. Buster notices that the giant robot is working with Phantom Thief X. The crew escape after the robot blew a massive gust of wind. Buster wonders what had happened that make the robot work with Phantom Thief X. The robot flies, and Baiye comments that his Master is amazing. Phantom Thief X got revealed to be Master Arsene, who recently defeated the guardian of the bayside area, and the guardians allied with him.

Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 11

The episode title is ”The Moon Is Over There.” Aye is glad that everything is working in their favor, and Arsene said, ”Now, let’s go home, baby, to our sweet home.” The boys wonder who Arsene is calling baby, and Baiye realizes that Asrsen is talking with the guardian.  Meanwhile, at Hot Springs Lodging, Musha World, the second group of Heroes is enjoying the hot springs. One of the Heroes comments that the hot spring got nominated in the top 100 hot springs in Musha World.

The hot spring reminds the Heroes of Saizo, realizing that Saizo is the Ninja with Nobunaga. A young black hero reveals that he has a long history with Lord Nobunaga. The two used to fight together along Saizo, and they went through many battles. Finally, the guy realizes that their friendship was unbreakable, but he was the one who was in darkness. Saizo had a grudge against the young hero, and the two end up having a brawl. But the young hero thinks that Saizo is superior to the other as a true Ninja.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

Treasure Hunter

The two wouldn’t have ended like that if they didn’t hide the secret from each other. Nobunaga is also the same as Saizo since they took all the burden to their shoulders, but they got driven by hatred. Mr. Cao Cao told Sasuke that they have to leave and destroyed the dark mask before Saizo and Nobunaga get their minds captivated. Master Arsene and his crew arrive in their secret basement. Baiye shows the team the Shore of Memories that he created.

Lui Bei praised Baiye and said he didn’t know that Baiye is good with the arts. But he gets furious that Baiye made something that doesn’t even look like Haro. Baiye comments that the sty is different. The Shore of Memories broke, and Lui comments they came to the Neo World to collect the Haro. Lui realizes that Zhuge Liang is not around. Baiye reveals that Zhuge Liang is in the back room talking to himself. Lui heads to the room.

Zhuge comments that the books are valuable documents he has never seen before. The two wonder how Master Arsene collected everything inside the basement. Liu realizes that Master told him that he is a treasure hunter. Zhuge comments that they might find information regarding Haro and a way to restore the shattered. Buster hands another Haro to the Heroes. Baiye gets excited that the law is working with them after finding the truth about Master Arsene.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 12 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 12 released date is 24 June  2021, at 7:00 PM JST. You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes online on Crunchyroll.

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