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Preview: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 10

SD Gundam World Heroes
SD Gundam World Heroes

Wukong and Sha Wujin-Aye got involved in combat training. Wukong won by knocking out Aye with a single jab. The Master told Zhu Baije to follow next by he made a mistake by rushing in, and Wukong defeated Zhu with a flying round kick. The Master told Aye and Zhu to learn from their mistakes. The training ended, and King Arthur notices that Zhu will become the greatest warrior in his Kingdom. Liu Bei and his men have arrived at the Capitan City. Liu comments that the City is the center of Neo World.

Wukong realizes that he has once had a fierce battle with a villain in this City. The warriors told Wukong not to worry since they will protect him. Wukong points at his heart and comments that he has a weird feeling deep inside. He also reveals that he has forgotten something about this City since he has once witnessed a fierce battle. Wukong started screaming while holding his head, and the memories of his struggle and fights triggers.

Previously on SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 9

The cloud that Wukong is ridding loses control, and Wukong got sent somewhere. The other two warriours follow the shadow to rescue Wukong. Later, the warriors find Wukong lying on top of trash cans. But they are glad that Wukong is not injured. The City villains arrive, calling the warriors oversized monkeys. The Boss told Wukong and his men that they will turn them in and get the bounty. He told them to cooperate, or they will get in trouble. Liu asks who these punks are, and the Boss replies that they control this area.

Wukong realizes that he has crashlanded in someone’s territory. The Boss took his tabled and notice that Wukong has a high price in the market. He comments they are going to make a fortune. The Boss warns the team that they only need Wukong, and the other team members can leave. The warriors refused to back off and decided to fight back. The Boss gan attacks, but they got trounced, and Liu comments that he can’t believe that they were placing a price on Wukong’s head.

Wukong finds a mantis robot and decided to take it. The warriors said that they have to find Zhao Yun before they face other villains. Wukong asks the warriors if he is the wrong person. Liu comments that it is not what Wukong is thinking. The polices arrived and told Wukong Impulse Gundam to surrender himself. The head officer comments that Wukong is a bad guy.

SD Gundam World Heroes

SD Gundam World Heroes

Wungong Impulse Gundam

Liu wanted to fight, but other warriors told him not to fight with the police force since they are the ones who protect this City. Liu wonders why the police want to arrest Wukong. One of the police attacks Liu and makes Wukong started to lose control of himself.  Liu told Wukong not to fight or get charged for fighting with the police force. Wukong realizes that he is powerful, but he can’t control his powers well. The police try to restrain the warrior by shocking them.

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They managed to restrain Wukong, and Liu decided that they should surrender. The Boss gang notices that their price got taken away, and they can’t interfere or get arrested. Later they arrive at the police station, and the head officer started to interrogate them. But the warriors were refusing to eat food. Liu comments that how can they eat when they got handcuffed.

The officer thinks that Liu is pulling the oldest trick in of book for the warriors to escape. The officer refuses to set them free since they are involved with Wungong Impulse Gundam. Liu reveals that they have come here to find someone called Zhao Yun. The officer comments that Zhao Yun is with Arsene Gundam X. He also said Zhao Yun is trying to find Haro. Later the warriors get freed and fight with the Boss Gang.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 10 Release Date

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 10 release date is 10 June  2021, at 7:00 PM JST. You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes online, Crunchyroll.

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