School 2021 Ending Explained & Possibilities For Season 2

School 2021 drama ending explained
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School 2021 kdrama has finally ended, and half of its fans are still crying over the end. Luckily, the ending of School 2021 brought wide smiles on everyone as they saw their ships sailing. Moreover, the Nulji Science and Technology High School students have finally found happiness. Furthermore, the school was stopped from getting shut down in the final moments of the drama. Fans loved watching Gong Ki Joon (Wei’s Kim Yohan), Jin Ji Won (Cho Yi Hun), Choo Young Joo (Jung Young Woo), Kang Seo Young (Hwang Bo Reum), and others getting out of their past lives to begin a new chapter of their lives.

“School 2021” marked the eighth part of the popular Korean School series. With immense fans and a respectful legacy, School Kdramas are highly received. School 2021 managed to stand out and continue the legacy with its different storyline. Also, the acting by the young talent highly impressed the Kdrama fans. Before the broadcast, the drama “School 2021″ was said to have a different storyline from the previous ones. Thus, School 2021 showcased students’ complex lives who choose to pick diverse careers and futures for themselves at a very young age.

The KBS2 drama depicted love, the reality of the challenging world, and friendships via16 episodes. However, if you still missed it, we covered the School 2021 ending for you.

School 2021 Kdrama Ending Explained

The drama started with a bang, and it made sure to finish with the same excitement. The drama maintained curiosity and teenage love dramas to entertain the viewers throughout the show. On the other hand, the mystery behind the school’s future is unveiled in the finale episode.

Nulji Science and Technology High School is a prestigious and private institution. However, due to corrupt personnel, it is forced to shut down. Thankfully, tables turn when the actual owner decides to hand over the school to a foundation in the finale episode. Thus, the school does not shut down and continues to prestigious ways to provide students with the best of the best.

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Moving on to the core strength of the drama- the leading characters. All the viewers were rooting for the lead couples to settle their careers and love life. And it’s exactly what happened.

Gong Ki Joon and Jin Ji Won

Gong Ki Joon and Jin Ji Won had the most perfect and sorted love story in the drama. The two begin their love story as kids, and viewers get to see an adorable moment of the two from their childhood.

In the last episode of School 2021, we find Ki-Joon’s mother getting back into his life. After she decided to take him to Canada, fans began to worry for the couple. However, while sitting at the airport, Ki-Joon opened the gift Ji-Won had prepared for him, and he started getting flashbacks. The sudden urge to live with his true love makes him run back to her as the two reunite.

School 2021 kdrama episode 16
Ki-Joon and Ji-won (cr: Rakuten Viki)

After getting back together finally, Ki-Joon and Ji-won decide not to practice a long-distance relationship. Later, Ji-Won receives a contract to work on a site away from home. The two talk things out, and because Ji-won can work on her dreams, Ki-Joon agrees to a long-distance relationship.

At the School 2021 end, we find Ki-Joon visiting Ji-won on the construction site because he misses her.

Jung Young Joo and Kang Seo Young

Jung Young Joo and Kang Seo Young always made the viewers worry. The two started with a fake relationship, got caught in a love-triangle drama, and were almost separated. In the final episode, Young-Joo plans to confess his love for Seo Young. Seeing the proposal coming, Seo Young tells him that she does not have time for a relationship as her grades are degrading badly.

SChool 2021 kdrama ending explained
Young-Joo and Seo-Young cr: Rakuten Viki

However, she still wants to spend time with Young-Joo and accepts to go out with him on different occasions. Young-Joo and Seo Young go to movies, eat out, and casual strolling. Anyway, Seo Young tells Young Joo not to consider it a date, but deep inside, she reciprocated all his feelings.

We see Seo Young getting into her dream university by the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Young-Joo gathers courage and tells Seo Young that he cannot pretend “just be friends” with her. Fortunately, So Young accepts his proposal, and the two begin real dating, this time.

As for Young Joo’s career, he joined Ji-won to work as a carpenter. The two start working together by the end of the drama.

Ji Ho Sung and Go Eun Bi

Ji Ho Sung (Kim Kang Min) and Go Eun Bi (Seo Hee Seon) made us laugh and weep. The two can be called the chaotic couple, who managed to clear their problems together. As we moved towards the finale of the School 2021 drama, we saw Ho Sung and Eun Bi drifting away from each other.

After Ho Sung became a father overnight, his life could not coordinate with Eun Bi’s irrespective of his feelings. Although he decided to stay away from her for good, he could not keep his feeling calm. After Eun Bi gets accepted as an idol trainee, Ho Sung sends her a gift that makes her emotional. Later on, he meets her outside, and the two confess their love for each other.

As time passes, the two grow together while continuing their lives. On graduation day, we see Eun Bi finally becoming a Kpop star, and Ho Sung is working as her manager, simultaneously taking care of the baby. Channeling her bubbly character, Eun Bi often acknowledges her feelings for Ho Sung live on TV, making them the cutest couple out of the three.

School 2021 ending explained
Ho-Sung and Eun-Bi (cr: KBS2)

School 2021 Kdrama Season 2: Will It Happen?

As much as we would like to return to the lives of the incredible characters of School 2021, it doesn’t seem easy to see a School 2021 season 2. The Kdrama ended with a clean slate and happy ending, closing its plotlines with clarity.

School 2021 characters achieved their ultimate goal by the end of the drama. If we were to get School 2021 season 2, the viewers could expect the cast to become adults and handle their lives independently. In School 2021, they were entirely dependent on family and guardians. However, season 2 can showcase their hustle and love life in the complicated world.

As of now, there is no official word on School 2021 season 2. The cast and crew of the drama have not spoken about another chapter. But, the viewers can positively look forward to another new story in another “School” kdrama series starring a new cast and talents.

School 2021 Review- Watch or Ignore?

If you are a Kdrama fan, you undoubtedly cannot miss a “School” series drama. School 2021 was made to stand out from the previous chapters in the series. Hence, you simply need to watch it.

Besides its fresh and diverted storyline, School 2021 has one of the best line-ups. Considering the age of the actors, they have done a fantastic job. During the run of 16 episodes, the cast depicted emotions of joy, pain, dejection, rejection, jealousy, strength, and more with beauty. Also, the over-zealous nature of the students to get to their dream goal can motivate you on a gloomy day.

Every Kdrama has OSTs, which elevate the entire drama. School 2021’s original soundtrack is also one of the best tracks from young talents, just like the cast. The main OST “Dream On” is sung by Purple Kiss’s Na Go-Eun, whereas her bandmate Swan sang “Absently.” JUST B’s Lee Kun Woo and Bae-In crooned the “Finally You.”

Furthermore, MAMAMOO’s Solar gave her voice for “Winter Flower.” Seo In Young, Mimi (Oh My Girl), Rosanna, and more also voice for School 2021 OSTs.

How To Watch School 2021 Online?

School 2021 aired initially on the KBS2 channel in South Korea. However, due to the popularity of the School series, it was also backed by Rakuten Viki as its network channel. Hence, people living outside the South Korean region can easily stream the drama online.

All you need is a subscription, and you can access the entire drama online in HD format and with English subtitles. Viki also offers many other Kdrama and Korean films. Watch School 2021 drama online here. 

School 2021 ending brought hopes and happiness. Even though it might not have a Season 2, look forward to another story from KBS2 through a new “School” drama.

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